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The Curse of Novo Ita | Immersive Art Experience
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The Curse of Novo Ita | Immersive Art Experience

Denver, CO

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Spookadelia 4: The Curse Of Novo Ita is a narrative-driven psychedelic immersive art, augmented reality, and theatrical experience presented by Spectra Art Space. Investigating the human condition and our relationship with self and the world while providing a fresh take on art consumption and the haunted experience. The Curse Of Novo Ita is the awe-inspiring and introspective fourth installment of the Spookadelia Series from the artist, makers, and move shakers who brought you Novo Ita, and Spookadelia 1,2, and 3  along with artists now featured at Denver Meow Wolf as well as some new surprise artists making their Spookadelia debut.

Where adventure meets puzzles inside of amazing art.

Guests who are brave enough to help lift the curse of Novo Ita will have to learn the art of rift walking and reassemble the artifact needed to save the city. They will face many trials as they travel into the home of lost souls known as the Dimension of Mirrors, surpass the allure of power & wealth on the Plane Of fallen Kings, and come face to face with the darkest realms of themselves in the Miasma Of Inner Monsters. Once they have assembled the artifact they will use their newfound magic to lift the curse of Novo Ita. 

Each room and section of this indoor/outdoor experience is immersive, interactive, and mind-bending. The installations and experience, while “spooky” will also be family-friendly & full of delight.

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Wed, Apr 20, 2022


11:00 AM - 11:00 PM


Spectra Art Space
1836 S Broadway
Denver, CO 80210


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Adventure, Culture, Other, Arts
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