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Sepal Cannabis Training Licensee/Company- Responsible Vendor Certification
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Sepal Cannabis Training Licensee/Company- Responsible Vendor Certification

Denver, CO

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Colorado Cannabis Licensee / Company Private Webinar- Responsible Vendor Certification Course. Includes DELIVERY Curriculum! $990 Includes 1-10 Students. Large group pricing available.

ADDITONAL DATES AND TIMES ARE AVAILABLE!!! Purchase the webinar here and we will create a schedule that works for you and your staff! OR call us directly for more information, additonal times and trainer availablility. 804-620-RVTP (7887) or email us at sepalconsulting@gmail.com.

MEDICAL and RETAIL - New Licensee Designations, New Hires and Certification Renewals and Delivery Certifications.

Designate your company as a Responsible Vendor today! Includes State required curriculum for Delivery Permit.

Protect your business and employees by becoming a Designated Responsible Vendor! Have your employees Certified in the RV Training Course that has been Approved by the Marijuana Enforcement Division and the Co. Health Dept.

This Designation is considered a MITIGATING FACTOR should you receive a Violation and is taken into consideration by the CITY AND STATE when handing out Sanctions and Fines. PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENTS!

If you are already designated a responsible Vendor remember your new employees must be ceritified within 90 days of hire. NOTE: You are NOT required to have your all of your employees trained by the same Company.

DON'T BE FOOLED. You are NOT required to take the course from any specific Responsible Vendor Training company. Your Employees can be Certified by ANY MED/ DOR approved Trainer. In order to retain your Designation, Renewals and New Employees just need to be Certified by an APPROVED Program provider. The State Determines Responsible Vendor Designation NOT THE PROGRAM PROVIDER! Call for more information!

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED A Violation, get this Designation NOW before attempting to settle!

2-4 Hr. Class
Class starts at $990.00 (plus fees) includes 1-10 students. Additional students will be invoiced separately and pricing for large groups available. Call for more information 804-620-7887 or email sepalconsulting@gmail.com.
Monthly Webinar Classes for individual students are also available starting at $99.00 a student. Send your new employees and renewals. Call or email for more information 804-620- RVTP (7887)

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Sun, Oct 25, 2020


5:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Denver, CO 80228

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