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Welcome to XG Platinum, Northern Colorado’s finest recreational dispensary. We carry the highest quality of products, including our renowned bud, delicious edibles, potent concentrates and amazing caviar bud and caviar rolls. (Platinum Bud and Platinum Rolls). We also offer CBD products, which have been known to aid in pain management along with ailments ranging from minor to severe. At XG you will be greeted with friendly knowledgeable staff that are passionate about cannabis every time!! And Short Wait Time Compared To Our Neighbors ;)


• To ensure that each of our customers know they are truly cared for, valued and respected 
• To provide medical patients with a safe and affordable alternative to prescription medications 
• To create a compassionate, professional, and secure environment for all of our patients 
• To respect and honor the laws about both recreational and medical marijuana set forth by the state of Colorado 
• To set the highest standard of quality and customer service in the recreational and medical marijuana industry 
• To help eliminate negative stigmas that are attached to marijuana through knowledgeable service and education

XG Platinum is a Garden City Recreational Marijuana Dispensary 

XG Platinum is Northern Colorado’s premier recreational dispensary that serves marijuana customers from Garden City and opens their doors to visitors from all over the world. They abide in full compliance with Ballot Amendment 20 and send their cannabis products to CMT and RM3 Labs to test for potency and quality. The dispensary staff behind XG Platinum provides consumers with an educational experience with the mission to remove the negative stigmas associated with cannabis. Garden City marijuana patrons with questions are invited to visit XG Platinum or consult with the knowledgeable dispensary staff by phone. 

XG Platinum works with a team of local cannabis cultivators to continue growing their inventory of marijuana items. They rotate cannabis strains to provide consumers with the freshest. most professionally cultivated Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids. XG Platinum customers can find cultivars such as Grape Ape, OG Sin, Hayze, AD Hoc, and Rainbow Flow. Garden City dabbers will enjoy pristine concentrates extracted from XG Platinum’s top-shelf strains in budders, shatters, and distillate. XG Platinum is best known for their hash-oil infused Platinum Bud Caviar, rolled in kief for superior flavor. Patients can discreetly medicate with strain-specific vape cartridges in half- and full-gram sizes. Their assortment of edibles includes THC-infused brownies, cookies, and Bud Bars. Sample XG Platinum strains and pick up a strain-specific preroll filled with top-shelf flowers. XG Platinum only accepts cash and has an ATM on site. 

XG Platinum offers a 10% discount to veterans and a 30% discount to Garden City medical marijuana patients. They offer a loyalty program that allows marijuana consumers to earn points for every dollar spent for discounts on their favorite cannabis products. For more updates on deals and specials, check their website or follow XG Platinum on Weedmaps, Facebook, and Instagram @XGPlatinum. 

Service Locations 
XG Platinum is a marijuana dispensary that caters to medical and recreational cannabis users 21+. Their dispensary is located off Highway 85 and 34 on 6th Street in Garden City, Colorado where they offer ample parking for marijuana customers from Garden City, Greeley, Evans, La Salle, and Hambert. XG Platinum provides safe access to top-quality marijuana products to customers in Peckham, Kersey, Cloverly, Kuner, and Lucerne. 

Location Information 
Garden City is a town located in Weld County, Colorado with a population of roughly 500 residents. It was founded in August 1938 and is close to the University of Northern Colorado and downtown Greeley. Visitors can join locals at Cruisers or Tavern for a cool, crisp beer and grab a bite at Double Clutch Cafe or Taco Rapido. Travelers can also discover the magic of The Logan County fair that takes place every year on the fairgrounds near Garden City. 

Last updated on Friday, October 27, 2017


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