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Recreational & Medical Marijuana. Debt/cash only. Located at the intersection of US-36 and Highway-66, at the edge of Longmont about a mile east of the town of Lyons. Open 10AM-7PM Monday-Saturday with limited hours of 11AM-5PM on Sunday. Headquarters Cannabis Company is Boulder County's premier center for high-quality recreational and medical marijuana. Our gardeners use wholesome, sustainable growing practices that make our patients happy and help nourish our local community roots. We pride ourselves on unique genetics and heirloom strains such as Black Cherry Soda, The White, Purple Trainwreck, Jesus OG, Goji OG Cookies, as well as some one-of-a-kind proprietary crosses! We also carry a great selection of topicals, edibles, and concentrates from Colorado’s best marijuana vendors. This Page's intent is for audiences ages 21+.


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