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We’re more than a dispensary. We’re scientists, inventors, farmers, friends and family. We own every step of the process that puts the finest, and most affordable marijuana on our shelves. From our grow, where we cultivate and harvest by hand, to our knowledgeable budtenders, we want you to have the best experience possible. We want you to LivWell.

Join LivWell Rewards to enjoy exclusive recreational pre-weigh flower pricing: $15 eighths, $30 half ounces, and $60 ounces. Plus, try recreational #WAX for $18/g, #SHATTER for $20/g, and #LIVERESIN for $35/g. Recreational 0.8g pre-rolls just $7, 1.6g LivLarge pre-rolls just $12, and 5-packs of 0.5g joints for just $18.*

Willie's Reserve, Willie Nelson's signature brand of cannabis, is now available at LivWell! Ask your budtender for details, or visit our website for more info.

*Prices do not include tax.


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Last updated on Friday, August 9, 2019


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