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High Rollers Dispensary is no average Colorado cannabis shop. With our focus on quality cannabis products and compassionate customer service, High Rollers is set to be one of the best dispensaries in Denver for medical marijuana cardholders with discerning taste. High Rollers Dispensary is located between Florida and Arkansas Avenues along Denver’s historic South Pearl Street. This high-end cannabis boutique sits among many other locally-owned shops, quaint eateries and personal wellness facilities where it aims to help connect the community with the healing powers of cannabis-based therapy. The eclectic mix of culture, community and convenience in the area lends itself nicely to High Roller’s classic Victorian style. As a throw-back to a time when prestige and class were at the fore-front of society, High Rollers has eloquently combined Victorian-era sophistication with modern-day technology to bring its clients high-quality cannabis flower, pure cannabis concentrates and delectable marijuana edibles.


Valid on Tuesday
Tasty Tuesday - 20% Off All Edibles
20% OFF
Valid on Thursday
Spend $50 and Earn Medicine for a Penny
Valid on Friday
Save 15% on All Vape Cartridges
15% OFF
Valid on Saturday
20% Off All Concentrates
20% OFF
Valid on Sunday
$99 Medical Flower Ounce
Valid on Monday
4 Gram 1/8ths
Last updated on Friday, September 22, 2017


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