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Great affordable cbd vegan edibles
a week ago
Pricey store. I did like the 2 $5 .7 people. They were out of stock of the shake i wanted and only had top shelf oz for 180. I found top shelf for 125 elsewhere. Shop around
2 months ago
Visited this location based off the good reviews regarding edibles but when I got there I was disappointed with the selection. I guess I got my hopes up to high prior.
3 months ago
One of the only dispensaries worth going to for concentrates and edibles. After going to more than a handful of other places this one had the most variety of edible types including rice crispies which for some reason other places weren’t carrying. Also the only dispensary that had quality diamonds and sauce from a reputable brand. Don’t waste your time with other places.
5 months ago
Some seriously tasty edibles and much cheaper than a lot of the other places I've checked with. Also some have some very good flower prices and cheap live resin. Check them out for sure!
8 months ago

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