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At a particular point in your life, your hard work begins to pay off. One stops settling for “cheap” and start demanding quality. Your appreciation for the very best in life grows alongside your travels, education, experiences and changing worldview.

You want the best cars, art, clothes, wine, liquor—and, if you so desire, premium marijuana.

Variety is the spice of life. A distinguished consumer with a passion for premium grade cannabis will enjoy the journey of responsibly discovering, sampling and embracing the finest herbs.  Like vintages of wine or small batches of bourbon, each strain carries its own aroma, texture, appearance and user experience.

Diego Pellicer is where responsible marijuana connoisseurs and sommeliers gather to explore the world of premium marijuana.


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Other Reviews

Out of the 4 different dispensaries in Denver I have visited so far; Lodge, Green solution, Native roots, and this place. I would prefer coming here over all of them. Reason being, QUALITY. Best quality out of the 4 by far. Very bougie little experience walking in. You feel like VIP, but in a casual way! Ronnie was nice and knowledgeable and had patience with my choice, with that being said I really believe it’s the employees, ambiance, and good quality that makes me want to return again?? *bring cash to avoid fees
2 weeks ago
Absolutely Love this place!! If your looking for excellent service and very high quality this is it.. I've been coming here 3 years now and just cannot say enough about this place. I have been to all dispensaries in denver no one can get close to this one.. Lazarus is the best! Thank you!!
2 weeks ago
Great place to visit. Awesome selection with everything your heart desires. Ryan is awesome and was a pleasure talk with. Joel is dope, he was the best showing me around and helping me make selections. Stop by if you to get you supply.
2 weeks ago
Diego Pellicer is hands down my favorite dispensary in Denver. Jake has helped me quite a few times now and he is the man. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful with all my questions. I love this dispensary because they have beautiful bud and the best selection of concentrates around. This is the apple store of dispensaries, no doubt.
a month ago
This place will always be one of the best in Denver. I have had only one issue here since they opened up and it was cleared real fast. Today tho.. The guy that answers the phone, Brian, seems like he needs another job. How can you be the First face people see when they walk into your establishment and your tone of voice and the way you handle yourself is sub par? Now, I’m not here to write just bad reviews. There’s always a silver lining.. The young lady that helped me today was AMAZING! NShe found some really good strains for me to try out and I appreciate her working with me
2 months ago

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