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Great store, all the employees are super friendly, knowledgeable of product and provide an extremely welcoming atmosphere, easily my favorite place to bring visiting friends from out of state for that last point alone. You guys rock, thanks for the recommendation Chad!
a year ago
Excellent quality flower. The product is very local and not overgrown commercially like some of these other companies. They pride themselves on spending a little extra time making sure no shortcuts were taken and all of the materials and ingredients are carefully selected.
5 months ago
I’m not sure why people say prices and service aren’t good because we had amazing service today, Sunday 7/7. The guys were patient and informative because this was our first time! We will be back!!!
6 months ago
immediately struck with bad vibes upon entering. Employee was very unwelcoming, or perhaps just in a bad mood.
6 months ago
Love the agent orange, durian, and green poison. Would recommend to anyone. People saying the bud is dry are slow. What do they expect? It's mountain weed. It's called value. You're getting more for your money because you're not paying for extra water weight. Experienced smokers know what to look for.
6 months ago

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