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MiNDFUL is proud to serve Colorado with Hand-Crafted Cannabis Commited to Excellence. We are on the far east side of Aurora at Colfax and Dunkirk, and are happy to be the first oppurtinity to help you take off after you land in Colorado.


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Last updated on Sunday, January 26, 2020


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Other Reviews

I love this dispensary. People are great the selection is new and varied all the time and I haven't been disappointed yet thank you ..Mindful
2 months ago
All the products I have ever gotten from this store has been mold riden, dry, and not worth the effort of travel!
3 months ago
Last 5 times I have been to this location they are either closed early or have almost no wax or very limited shatter products . Super disappointing, especially that this location has no competition close by. Was a customer but I would rather drive 10 minutes further to always have the selection a customer wants and the hours posted on there website!
6 months ago
Tried this place three times today closed with a different sign explaining why they are closed and that they will be open soon. They've also been closing at weird times. The hour sign should say call before you stop out because we're never open when we say we are! Also, some of the other reviews seem fake or force somehow. CALL BEFORE YOU MAKE THE TRIP AND WASTE YOUR TIME SHOWING UP TO A EMPTY PARKING LOT AND A LOCKED DOOR!
6 months ago
This place just keeps getting better and better! Now they offer to rec patients one of the best memberships in the industry! SHOP MINDFUL
11 months ago

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