Yeden Massage is a full service cannabis infused spa located near beautiful downtown Colorado Springs. Yelena and her team offer a wide range of medicated and non-medicated health services at an affordable rate. With a focus on the balance between pain relief and total relaxation, Yeden offers complimentary CBD oils with each of their services. Utilizing the healing properties of CBD, Yeden's services offer their clients a sensation of complete bliss and relief from pain that last up to three days longer than a typical massage. 


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Deep tissue and neuromuscular therapy. We focus on breaking up adhesions, taking out knots and providing you with healing you can feel. 

Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday


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Other Reviews

Best massages in town! Yelena is absolutely amazing and the products she uses are top of the line!
3 months ago
An absolutely relaxing environment the second you walk through the door. Your wants and needs are always taken care of, plus some. The employees are so genuine and kind hearted it's like talking to someone you already know! Yelena did my cupping massage and not only did she ensure my first expierence was good, but she checked up on me after my visit to check up on how I was doing/feeling after the massage. HIGHLY recommend going here for your massage and acupuncture needs!
5 months ago
Most amazing massage!!! She hit all my trigger points and is very professional. Relaxing environment. Left extremely pleased
9 months ago
So, Yelena fit me in within 2 days of calling. Her place was easy to find. I absolutely LOVE her CDB! My massage was at 9. I still felt good til around 7 that night! Absolutely awesome! I need to come in for some of your CBD! Thank you
9 months ago
Always an amazing experience. I always look forward to sleep the next few nights after a massage. These massage effects are long lasting, but the immediate first few days rock. Thank you!
11 months ago