First, if you are looking for some life-hacks to avoiding altitude sickness during your stay in Colorado, or maybe a swift recovery from a night out on the town, then you have come to the right place. With that said, My 420 Tours is now offering IV Hydration brought to you exclusively from the top dogs in IV Hydration techniques and recipes, Onus IV.

What you can expect is this- when you get an IV Hydration treatment before the party starts or within the first day or two of your arrival to the "Colorful" Colorado, it will ACTUALLY cut out altitude sickness before it begins and helps mitigate hangovers before you start drinking. In addition, Onus IV has concocted a special blend of Vitamins and Nutrients called the "Apex Drip" to ripen the experience for our 420 friendly guests!

On-Site IV Bar:
"Apex Drip" - $170 Per Guest
Discounts for Parties of 10+
Add-On Ingredients Available

Off-Site Mobile IV:
"Apex Drip" - $170 Per Guest + Travel Fees
Travel Fees Waived for Parties of 10+
Add-On Ingredients Available

Price: $170

Days / Times

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Days: Daily

Duration: 1 hour

Weekdays, 10AM - 6PM

Weekends, 10AM - 4PM

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