To begin, tour guests will gather at the My 420 Tours HQ to prepare for loading up on our party bus. But first, get educated on some products in our retail shop. To clarify, here you can find accessories and great CBD products from our partners. Once on the bus, you are off to your first stop, Cannabis Station. In a few words, this dispensary produces some of the best products that Denver has to offer and is located in the heart of Downtown. Additionally, you will be able to take advantage of special offers only available if you are a My 420 Tours guest to prepare for the laser lit environment back on the bus.

Moreover, now you can feel free to consume responsibly with your peers and enjoy an informative and educational experience through Downtown Denver led by our super fun guides. Next, you are off to Mile High Spirits where you get to immerse yourself in the history of how they make such good spirits through a distillery process unique to Colorado. Subsequently, they will take you through a tour of the distillery, sample some great spirits and finish with a mixology class where you will learn to piece together a fine Colorado craft cocktail.

Price: $69

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Days: Sunday, Saturday

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

12:30 PM

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Other Reviews

I enjoyed my experience. The staff is very cool and the tour was very educational. You are surrounded by a nice staff and can spark up on the bus! The dispensary (after tour) has a nice variety, is clean and the staff is very helpful. If you are interested in learning more I would recommend them I would do another tour with them again .
2 weeks ago
Went on the tour last Saturday and it was honestly one of the best times I’ve ever had. The tour guides on the limo are as nice and friendly as can be! The dispensary that you get taken to has what I think is the highest quality flower in Denver. It was GREAT. 1000% recommend and will forsure be making another trip to Denver to get on another 420 tour with you guys!
a month ago
Spent a week hanging out in Denver with family and the Greenhouse Grow Tour was one of the big highlights of the week but not because of the greenhouse. It was cool getting to see how it’s grown but not $70 worth. The round trip bus ride to and from the greenhouse is 420 friendly....in other words BLAZE UP! Here’s the thing though...if you’re visiting Denver your options for “smoking” are few and far between. You can buy it...but cant smoke it ANYWHERE unless you have a private residence there. It’s an issue...and so then you pay $70 to go on this tour so you can smoke what you just purchased. I feel like 420 tours takes advantage of that. It’s genius because as tourists what else are we gonna do??..but the tour itself is overpriced. Honestly...about 10 minutes after getting to the greenhouse and taking a couple of pics everyone on our tour was pretty much just ready to just get back on the bus and smoke. If it wasn’t for the fact that this is one of the few places where a visitor can actually smoke, the tour would honestly be worth about $25.
3 weeks ago
First time in Colorado so I was expecting a lot of fun and we absolutely had it. We took the Growing Facility Tour which I wish it was longer because it was very interesting. It left me hungry for more but at least we got baked all the way and had an amazing experience. Tour guides are very friendly and the price is reasonable. I will come back for this definitely for more tours. They are very discreet which I love plus the booking was really easy. I cannot ask for more. Party bus is prepared with lots of water, trays, rolling papers, bongs and whatever you need to get baked. Remember to bring your own green and get ready to get very high! Thank You 420 tours I feel I love you forever!
a month ago
Words cannot Express how wonderful this trip was for my husband and I. The staff was amazing and very knowledgeable. The sushi class is a must! Everyone was nice and the staff really made sure everyone was comfortable. We loved the tours and classes we learned a lot!!! (You can even stay at a 420 friendly hotel and We had cannabis massages and We even had a private chef to come to our room.) Yes we did it all and would love to do it again. Thank you 420 special thanks to chef Patrick
a month ago