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Our massive selection of cannabis accessories and team of fun-loving, expert budtenders, are here to mellow your hash. Stop by today to find your cabana! 


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This store is full of very knowledgeable and helpful employees. I enjoy that a lot of them have some personal reviews about most of the product. We will only be shopping here from now on. :) thanks for the great experience.
in the last week
They have baby boomer aged staff. I love it! Can't help but feel they know way more about the product after a lifetime of using it.
a week ago
The staff here are phenomenal. They know their stuff and can help with any questions you have. Their selection is by far the best I've seen in the city. The 20 minute drive here is always worth it.
a month ago
This is the only place I go to. They regularly make suggestions on new strains, and every single time I've followed their suggestion, I find myself experiencing new and better experiences. I can't rave about the team here enough. The guys, the ladies, they are all fantastic. 100%.
a month ago
They did an excellent job answering all my questions, and the staff are super friendly here! Plus they have everything you need! Will definitely be back, and would highly recommend to anyone!! :) Loved it!!
a month ago

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