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Bud-Tender Basics: How to Work in the Cannabis Industry as a Bud-Tender (Sacramento)
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Bud-Tender Basics: How to Work in the Cannabis Industry as a Bud-Tender (Sacramento)

Citrus Heights, CA

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Are you ready to join the LEGAL Cannabis Industry?

Put yourself ahead by learning best bud-tending practices, the way the legal market works, how to recommend cannabis dosing, create a customer service experience that is memorable, and MORE!

What is an Exemplary Bud-Tender?

Someone who understand cannabis, cannabis consumption, and how to effectively create trust and connection with a cannabis consumer to educate and influence thier cannabis purchase. By 2022, the cannabis industry is expected to support as many as 340,000 full-time jobs – growth of approximately 21% per year. Retailers need Bud-tenders that not only know and understand Cannabis - But also how to serve the cannabis consumer and create an exceptional experience.

The course material for this class was created by individuals who have worked in the cannabis industry and directly with cannabis consumers since 2006, with 5 star reputations for their service and customer loyalty.

Anyone can sell cannabis. Creating an experience the customer will never forget is what sets apart Sales Representatives and Business Loyalty Advocates.

There is a lot of competition in the legal market. Bud-tenders are THE face of the Cannabis Retail Store. Being trained on how to put the best foot forward possible for a high customer retention rate is very well what may make or break a retail company.

This class is for: Current Bud-tenders who want to advance their skills, brand ambassadors, those who want to enter the cannabis industry, those who cultivate or manufacture cannabis who want to understand the end user experience to help them promote their product, or those who love cannabis and want to learn more about the products available.

This class will go over:

1. The current legal state of Cannabis and Hemp.

2. Cannabis Products: Cannabis itself and commonly sought compounds such as Terpenes, CBD, THC, CBN, and THCVA, The different products available in the marketplace today and the benefits/differences between them, and how to use these products most effectively both medically and recreationally.

3. The different Types of Cannabis Consumers, what studies show means the most to them in their buying experience and how to address them individually.

4. The art of Conversation: What you legally can and cannot say, how to read your customer, create the most memorable experience possible, and educate them on safe cannabis consumption.

5. Tips and Tricks to becoming a trusted, valued, and effective Bud-Tender.

6. How to keep evolving in the art of Bud-tending.

And much more!

This Class is perfect for those who are already involved in the cannabis industry and wish to sharpen their skills, those who wish to enter the Cannabis Industry as a Bud-tender with a basic set of skills and understanding, or who want to make sound recommendations to a loved one or a friend.

All Students who complete this course and a test at the end, and upon passing this test will receive a certificate of completion from Clear Horizon Management Group, which they can share with any prospective employer as proof of their knowledge and understanding of Cannabis Bud-tending in California.

Call or Email us for more information at: 1.866.660.2794,

You may purchase tickets at the door if we have seats left!

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Sat, Dec 7, 2019

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10:00 AM

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7816 Uplands Way Suite B
Citrus Heights, CA 95610


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