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Don't give it 5 stars, if you ever tried using your debit card you'd know. Why the hell do I see people leaving negative reviews with 5 stars. To stoned to write a review.
a month ago
One word: OVERPRICED! But so are all the other clinics, since pot became legal in California! Ridiculous. The same people who are exploiting this avenue and trying to turn it into a niche product, are the same Non-GMO/Vegan types. Slap some stupid Hipster lable on it and up charge everyone. Cannabis being sold in this fashion feels like weed is being gentrified!!!
2 months ago
The staff is super friendly, patient and knowledgeable. There is a sign that says the standard fee of using a debit card...which should be expected when attempting to use a card to make a purchase. The budtender I dealt with was very informative and backed it up with personal experience and clear answers. I didn't have the cash on me so they held my bag at the front, even threw in a pack of matches. To top it off their more than reasonable prices have made this my favorite dispensary to visit. Will come back once I'm in the area.
2 months ago
I'd stay away too many negative reviews and instances of customers being over charged...Of you read some of the responses from the owner they're low high key childish and sarcastic and not appropriate or good customer service..... lost a customer before they even became one
3 months ago
Was a first time customer. My total was $81.73. I had $80 on me. They said I could use a debit card. OK, no problem. Got home the next day, another $6.50 in fees. No explanation at all while at the register. I called up and the guy on the phone said there was a sign and "there's nothing we can do about." Well, you lost a customer and you got a bad review. So maybe next time you should find something to do about it. There are so many options in LA - why would I ever come back here? Well, I won't.
7 months ago

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