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The guy out in front was very friendly and helpful, hence the 3 stars. Store is very clean and organized. However, the SA who helped me inside seemed very impatient and un-informative with responding to any questions I had even though it was my first time at the store. She also did not seem friendly at all, wished I had gotten a different SA or will probably go to MedMen or a different location in the future.
a month ago
Amazing staff and experience.
2 months ago
Really cool brand with minimalist design elements yet good science and technology to back up the product.
7 months ago
Dosist created a great vape product because you know exactly how much you are smoking. That's very important for people who use cannabis for medical purposes. You also know what the effects will be because each vape is made for a specific purpose (stress, sleep, bliss...) This is a big game changer for marijuana. Also, the building is beautiful and the customer service is great as well.
7 months ago
Dosist was my reintroduction to cannabis after many years and I'm a loyal fan of this company. The brick and mortar was very cute and on brand. The employees were super friendly, it was a great experience! I knew what I wanted so I didn't need assistance but they were super helpful to the other customers in the store that were asking for help!
8 months ago

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