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I drove 45 minutes to this place thinking I was going to a top-notch place. When I got there the place looked a little dingy and the person that was at the door had food on his shirt. The place was a little small and their selection wasn’t the greatest. Top shelf look like outdoor, they had a very limited supply of edibles. Which I wasn’t too thrilled, but I would drove already 45 minutes to this place so I figured why not try something on a whim. I got some Ookay cookies that were a little overpriced that seemed airy, and the brownie Was super stale. Now if I’m gonna drive 45 minutes to a place I expect it to at least but be up to par with industry standards and have edibles that are fresh. And the flower needs to be priced a little bit more properly because what I paid for I’ve could’ve gotten elsewhere for a lot cheaper.
2 weeks ago
Aj has great customer service she was a big help and made me feel welcome right when I walked in. Awesome deals too
6 months ago
Great place awesome staff! I have no problem with their flower, it always hit nice and right! They just started their happy hour and the prices is right. Not to mention they give 4g 8ths and 8g quarters all day everyday!!!
a year ago if you have required documents.
a year ago
The guy switched the Jack Herrer for Bloom on me. They make you pay and then they give you your item in the pharm bag stapled. I got it home to find it was not the jack herrer. NOT COOL! I will return tomorrow. Is this common for this place?
2 years ago

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