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Green Cross of Torrance is a very classy and down-to-earth place for me to get my meds from they have a huge selection fair prices and the people in here are cool!!
a week ago
Green Cross is a great shop with plenty of options - whether you need flower, vapes, edibles, tinctures, or just about anything else, they're well stocked. I come in from time to time to run special promotional deals on RAD vapes and it's always such a pleasure to work with the friendly staff. They're not only good to their vendors, but more importantly I've seen each and every budtender take the time to address each customer's unique needs without rushing. The RAD team loves this store and is looking forward to coming in again soon to host more events!
a month ago
Came to this place a few times to purchase Pax era pods security made me feel extremely uncomfortable profiled me from the minute I walked in the door wouldn't let me look at products in the counter recommended that I stay to the right side of the room until someone was able to help me it's pathetic in this day and age we're still dealing with racism besides that pretty decent store knowledgeable customer service reps hopefully they won't let this One bad apple spoil the tree
4 months ago
I’ve been coming here for quite a few years~never been disappointed~always left happy. Want everyone to know about G.C.ofT., yet kinda wanna keep it the “Best Kept Secret” to myself! Knowledgeable, kind, reasonable, secure, easy access & no better store phone # in my contact list! Love, love, LOVE the remodel! Enjoy! S.Kelsey
6 months ago
Definitely one of the best looking herb stores in the area and very knowledgeable staff. However, it comes at a price: pretty expensive weed. Definitely worth a shot but not the hands down best option.
7 months ago

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