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Bought out by a greedy evil company. They’ve stopped supplying the other day 1 oz packs properly and have them for less than half a day. They’ve raised the price on everything, and the weed costs nearly 3 times more than it used to a few months ago. Project cannabis is ruining the weed business.
in the last week
A little long but worth the read. In the past I would have given this dispensary a 4 star but the most recent experience has lost me as a long time customer. I purchased a $50 bottle of CBD tincture only to have the plunger malfunction a couple weeks after I purchased it. It happened while the bottle was packed in a hygiene bag during travel and the entire remaining contents, about 80%, leaked out. The plunger portion on the cap came out of its grooves that hold it in place. I used the product just fine for the 2 weeks before so it just wasn’t designed well enough to handle being packed for travel. I’ve had plenty of success with other manufacturers packaging. This item was made by Care by Design and I will not be using them again. I returned it to the store to show them and I expected a replacement and even offered to pay for the 20% that was used. They refused for the moment until they could contact the manufacturer. Three weeks later and still no follow up from them so I stopped by and left my number again and a follow up with one of the employees. A week later now and still nothing. No follow up or anything. I even have a history in their computer of long time customer loyalty but that didn’t make a bit of difference. Even told them this incident will determine if I continue to be a customer there and still nothing. I expected more from this establishment. CBD has only medicinal value, no high, so it boggles my mind that they have sub par customer service in a medical industry. Hate to say it but as a paying customer I’ll be going with the highest quality product (to include packaging) and reliable customer service out there and I’ve since moved my business to Urban Treez down the street.
3 weeks ago
Best spot I've been. Amazing customer service. Will drive from KTown area just to go here.
a month ago
This place was amazing. Super organized with extremely knowledgeable staff. Amazing quality in all their products. Really nice people working here.
2 months ago
From the feeling I get, everybody here is here not just to sell product, but to sincerely listen to you, and give you a true appraisal of what they see your needs are, and dispense whatever they feel is appropriate. They are not there just to sell you some product and quickly move on the the next customer. On my 1st visit, I worked with Autumn, who was SO patient, so full of information and personalized advice, and showed sincere interest in my personal needs. Combining those attributes with her obviously well-developed extensive knowledge, made it such a positive experience. Autumn advised me---because this would be my 1st experience with cannabis, to start conservatively. We decided to see how it worked out and take it from there. I am so glad I waited while she finished her lunch break! This was at the end of December. Today, Jan. 28, I was help by Nicole. First of all, she is such a nice person, and is also there to listen to me tell her what I was there hope that a cannabis product could do for me. She was also was very patient in hearing me out, and then to thoughtfully tailor what she thought my needs were at this point. She did not try to oversell, but to the the contrary had me obtain smaller amounts of product so that I can see how they work. she was a pleasure to work with. This is a really good store, and I highly recommend you try them out.
5 months ago

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