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Tried to visit the shop at 9:50PM, their sign said they were open, it says they are open until 10PM, but there was a security guard at the door, turning us away not able to give any reason why except that they aren't taking any more customers. Disappointing and the whole experience seemed shady. Coming from a legal state I can definitely say I have never experienced that before. EDIT: in response to your comment below, where is your store policy listed about admitting your last person into the store at 9:45PM? It wasnt on the outside of the store, on Google maps or on your website so how is someone supposed to know to get there by 9:45 instead of 10? At the very least have your security guard explain why we are not allowed in instead of mysteriously just repeating no more customers without offering an explanation why. For all I knew that guy didn't work there as he was not wearing any creditentials and he had buddies inside robbing the place! Without proper communication and an explanation as to why your sign says open, but you are not, the mind can wander to the craziest of notions. Something to think about. Happy holidays and best of luck to you! Together we can work to eradicate the negative stigma of cannabis!
7 months ago
Great Store Great People Working There They Hooked Me zup With JustcWhat I Wanted Thanks I Will Be Back For Sure.
2 months ago
Wow. Clean, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Prices were a bit high but great experience over all. Recommended some amazing edibles.
2 months ago
The only place to buy ounces of weed. Nobody is cheaper and nobody keeps ounces in stock like Sugar Leaf.
5 months ago
It was my first time in a dispensary so I felt weird, but the staff made me feel comfortable. Great experience! Good prices and deals too.
6 months ago

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