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Great customer service and great location lots of products available and great selections. although when it comes flower most of the products they offer is two to three months old. And very stale. The staff doesn’t practice carpe diem to let the buyer be wear of the product been old and stale. When brought to you it’s put in the bag so you can’t see the packed date. I have had some flower that was packed close to four+ months old and dint taste fresh. I recommend that you ask to see the product package date when is brought to you before you pay. Flower is like fresh fruit and vegetables the fresher they are the better it taste.
2 weeks ago
the first dispensary i went to and the only dispensary I keep coming back to. what i really like. they keep their menu and prices updated on W/maps. Quality and Variety. pick up some M1 OG
a month ago
This is the busiest dispensary for a reason. They have amazing deals and prices. They have tons of bud-tenders working to ensure you get helped quickly and find what you're looking for. I've been in here over 20 times and have never been disappointed. I only smoke Heavy Hitters and they have never run out of product on me, so thank you for that SCSA!
3 months ago
These guys advertise that they price match, but do not have any standard protocol to execute the policy that they advertise on their website. The first time I came in they price matched my products and I was not charged taxes because I have a medical marijuana card from the California department of public health. They explained that the person that helped me last time didn’t do it correctly because they were still supposed to charge tax. So they were trying to charge me 15 percent more than they had prior on the same exact product. But ya know prices change and I can get past that. What I’m writing this review about is that was Lyannae had a very condescending tone when explaining all of this and talking about how the policy advertised on their website was a courtesy and saying she would no longer extend it to me simply because I didn’t understand why we were paying two different prices for the same product. The store needs to get their protocol straight first and foremost. Second you need to teach the people that work for you proper customer service. Any customer would be questioning paying two different prices and rather than striking an attitude you can simply get your manager to conclude the interaction. She tells me that if I can get the same product cheaper elsewhere then I should go elsewhere which kinda defeats the purpose of price match in the first place and simply is rude. So bottom line, don’t come here for price match, they don’t do it and they will act like you are inconveniencing them by asking for it.
4 months ago
I loved shopping at this dispensary! There was so much flower to choose from with clear percentages displayed. They sell really cool lighters and a bunch of other cannibas necessities. The people were all very friendly and helpful and I didn't wait to be helped or to go in. They also promote veterans and student discounts!
6 months ago

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