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Solid crew. And quality product! Love this dispensary!
a month ago
Great selection cool prices but I'm giving this 3 stars because the little white guy is always trying to stare me down. I hate going to these cannibus places as a big black man they always make me uncomfortable. These Gentrifier pot shops sell weed in drug infested areas cutting out the independent vendors (the weed man) and then have the audacity to look at me like I'm going to rob them or something. I tried to smoke weed to help with my anxiety but it didn't help and I dont want to be treated like a criminal by legal criminals.
2 weeks ago
Easy-going simple dispensary with good range. They have a nice dab area usually quiet and perfect for a quick one hiding from the crowds
a month ago
This is one of my favorite places for a very very long time. This establishment has some of the most knowledgeable and comunitive people working. The bud tenders are always very friendly they are always ready to serve you and to help you to make the proper choices in strains from flower to edibles. I really love how they are always ready to educate you on your consumption and doses. Their list of flowers are always up to date and on point. I'm always down to chill in the smoke lounge!! As for a quick in and out check your times. Remember that people are off work and ready to partake. Be patient a lot of people really need to be educated.
3 months ago
The best prices in town and they also were the first to carry CBD for for pets. That's helped my boy Charlie a great deal now that he's up there in years. Easy going staff very friendly and knowledgeable and if you bring your four-legged friends in they do get fond over by the staff.
4 months ago

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