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You get a One Star because your Manager Angelique does not know how to manage. What ashame for a 5 star company. Disrespectful, discriminative person!
in the last week
I don't trust. I just left the place and I got flower "sour chem" which the board says 15.41% THC and after I check the packed says is 12.66% of THC. Also got the flower planet dois which the bird says is 23.59% but the pack says 22.97%. Isn't the first time this happen on this place. How can I know if what they putting inside the bag is what I want? Think twice before go
a month ago
*WEBSITE NOT ACURATE* *POOR SERVICE* *WASTE OF TIME* Stop coming here after receiving poor service from when cookies sf had ownership of the location, even under new management the place sucks, the service of the security at the door has changed tremendously and I am greatful for that but after today i realized its still the same, lacking customer service. I walked in and was greeted nicely by the security I walked in & the person checking me in was on her personal cell phone just having a great time she just looked at me checked me in and continued her conversation on the phone thought nothing much of it but when I got to the counter the lady bluntly glanced at me with a attitude, I asked if they had Banana OG (confirming on the website they have it) She said banana what ? Concentrate, flower what ? I said flower and she said no we don’t I said it says on the website and she said I know it dose it probably sold out a few days ago, a FEW DAYS no one can keep up with the website really ? You got one person at the front on the phone having a ball and no one was in there when I showed up but when I mentioned it she asked for a laptop and started using it as she was suppose to be helping me ? Really ?? Last try I gave was asking for something similar she flat out said no that not in that price looking at me like I’m broke ? Man this girl is a joke what a disgrace to the company
2 months ago
The mochi was molded that I bought and was an out of stater. I was currently by Sacramento when I noticed the mold and the connected n sac wouldn’t back up ther connected name. What a shame will not be going back to this place. Also had disappointing weed compared to other places the bud tender seemed like he was meth and all in all I was not satisfied and disappointed with you guys.
2 months ago
Everything in my experience has to do with gratitude from the time I was greeted and attended to, all my concerns were heard and even empathy from the tender, As an army veteran I will keep my integrity by saying this is the club you want to be and the reviews don’t seem to reflect my experience, I felt gratitude and hope others give this place a chance.
4 months ago

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