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Great knowledgeable and friendly staff. Plus a great selection! 15% off 1st time customer was awesome as well!! I ??????
2 weeks ago
Excellent product offering, definitely something for everyone here. Very nice staff and beautiful interior. Plenty of parking and prices were good. Can highly recommend!
4 weeks ago
We stopped in for our first retail visit at a cannabis store. The building was clean inside and out, modern displays. Exotic flower at exotic prices, and the sales taxes! I am amazed at the variety of products sold, and all the packaging, just for simple bud. Come on people let's go with ounces not eighths. We had great experience.
3 months ago
My first visit here I placed an online order for pick up. After 45 minutes I hadn't gotten a notification that it was ready, but was in the area so I went to the storefront to wait. After browsing the shop for 10 minutes without being acknowledged, someone asked if they could help me. I told them I was waiting for an online order but it didn't seem to be ready yet. She said their online ordering system hadn't pushed it through, and prepared it immediately. She was very apologetic and gave me a discount for the wait. Cool. Figured I'd give them another try, so I placed another online order for pick up a few weeks later. When I got there, I was told to check in and I'd be let in to pick up my order. However when I was checked in I was told to get to the back of the line, regardless of the fact that I was picking up an order. They still have you queue up and wait behind the people who still have all of their browsing and shopping to do. What's the point of placing an order ahead of time, then? I did so because I was in a hurry, and after 5 or so minutes waiting outside, I had to leave to make my next appointment I don't think I'll be back, but the prices and location were great for me that one time.
3 months ago
This was our first experience with visiting a dispensary and it was great. Very clean and beautiful facility with a ton of options. Cameron helped us a ton and was able to answer all of our questions. All of the staff was extremely friendly and helpful as well. We don't live in the area but next time we are here, this will be the place we go. Def give them a shot!
4 months ago

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