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Today I give one star to my old favorite shop. So I started going to shatter every single pay day because it's down the street from Wells Fargo. Well I didn't go last week because I really didn't have the money for their high prices. Today I came across a large sum of money and decided to walk, not bike, there today. I always get asked to open my backpack so I unzipped every pocket expecting an expection trying to hide my cash but nothing else. The guard says I can't go in with the backpack and so I complied buy before walking in I felt very uneasy as there is no camera right there and I never seen this guard before at least I don't think I have, and I sit in the lounge to smoke before leaving. I needed an ounce, my cartridges and some wine down time. When I asked the guard why I can't take my bag in even if I'm going to the lounge after. He said no it's always been policy. I'm like no it hasn't. Well story short I just ended up leaving with the $165 I came to spend. Won't be returning again.
in the last week
This place is awesome every time I go to it! Everyone I encounter there is knowledgeable , And extremely helpful. And the top it off the prices on everything are great!! Wow. 10 Stars for sure
2 weeks ago
I would give a 5 if it weren't for the budtender. She was polite, patient, and respectful, but I was amazed how little she knew not only about cannabis products in relation to the industry, but her limited knowledge of the plant itself to the basic of levels. Beyond that, the flower is pretty good, pretty good on price. I got a half gram of some neutron genetics shatter. Not at all impressed and for 20 for the HALF gram, I feel robbed. Most places fail on the concentrate front. The lounge was really cool and definitely worth a visit after you get your stuff to try it out or if you wanna get lit and go on about your day. Displays of your concentrates and better displays of flower would also be appreciated. Overall a pretty good experience, but find people that are truly knowledgeable and passionate about this industry to work here.
5 months ago
Great staff knowledgeable and friendly my go to spot in town never disappointed. Cant remember budtenders name :( but he was a cool cat .
2 months ago
First time here, came from out of town on business. Very friendly staff and helpful. Felt like we we're returning customers the cery first visit. Large parking lot and best of all great variety of product! Can't wait to come back to the area to purchase again!!!!!
6 months ago

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