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Love this place!! Great people, good prices!
in the last week
Great shop and awesome staff, just got a great deal on Korova cookies and promotional gear that I will enjoy rockin.
a month ago
Green Gold Cultivators is so amazing, they practically have a cult following! All of the budtenders are local and friends with the whole town! Familiar, happy faces are always in abundance here! The budtenders give amazing advice, AND they have an awesome You Tube channel where they promote the products they carry AND educate people on cannabis use in general! The approach they have to cannabis as a tool for feeling better is ideal! This is a great place to go for an old and new user! Their selection of products for all demographics and for all needs is truly impressive! They have products in all different price ranges and will always have a recommendation ready for you no matter what it is you need! As a brand ambassador for Heavy Hitters, I have the pleasure of visiting green gold once a month! Every time I am greeted with fans of the product who I get to meet and spoil with swag, and I get to educate their customers about vape cartridges! Green Gold is such a cool place, I think everyone needs to visit this dispensary!
2 months ago
This shop has such a great atmosphere and the staff is great! If you have your medical card I highly recommend stopping in. They have a huge selection of products to choose from, including Rad Vapes! I am a brand ambassador for Rad and I absolutely love coming into this shop. Stay golden Green Gold!
2 months ago
Same day delivery. First orders go out at 12 noon second orders go out at 5 pm. We live in a rural area and GGC makes it very convenient to get medicine.
8 months ago