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Located in an upscale, professional area of Redding, our retail facility at 345 Hemsted Drive, is central and easily accessible from the I-5 and Cypress exit.  Best of all, we have our own private parking lot behind the building with 25 parking spaces!  The retail entrance is off the rear of the building making access simple and discrete.
It's beautiful and we can't wait for you to see it.

Lic # C-10-0000535-Lic


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Other Reviews

It's set up really well. You check in then wait for them to call your name, someone escorts you over to the products, and you get exactly what you're looking for. It was overall a great experience.
in the last week
Kevin is friendly and helpful . Got straight to the point on recommendations. For the 1st timer for recreational. Much appreciated. ??????????
2 weeks ago
Very nice, very pleasant. My BF is a black man and got the upmost respect out of this place. Prices a bit higher than other places but def worth it!!!
2 weeks ago
in store service is great but don’t bother placing an online order. They will 98% of the time sell out of what you’ve already ordered by the time you get there. I always end up having to pay more for less product because of this.
2 months ago
2 States and one year later they had the product that I've been searching for I walked in the store and to my left we're about 15 people sitting waiting to be served but I went simply to their website found the product I wanted and it was like ordering a pizza it was sitting there waiting for me with my name on it I bypass the crowd of people setting and simply walked out very happy with my product thank you very much you deserve to five star
2 months ago