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Best customer service and very great atmosphere
5 months ago
I love going into Sespe Creek, the staff is so knowledgeable and helpful about the products. The staff are so well trained they are like Doctors. It is also like going into the Apple store, sleek and modern and products are well displayed. I highly recommend this apothecary!!
5 months ago
Staff is amazing, friendly and very helpful. Very clean and organized. Large selection of flower and edibles along with chocolate and vap supplies. Cash only but they have a atm on location. Make sure to bring a current ID or passport. You will not be disappointed.
8 months ago
Everyone at this place has a very positive vibe and the last product I got smelled so good, bluberry , it reminded me of a bakery!! Good people, good stuff , good prices. D.P.
10 months ago
Sespe is regularly voted one of the best dispensaries in the area, and rightfully so. Whether your priority is selection, quality, service, or the overall experience, it's a phenomenal dispensary in all regards. Their prices are a bit higher compared to others, but only because you're getting a higher quality product. So while I could have opted to shop at a handful of closer dispensaries (Sespe was roughly an hour drive), after a single visit I knew it was entirely worthwhile.
a year ago