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Their flower selection is lack lust
in the last week
Nice shop good price roll by people 10+
a month ago
Great variety of products.
2 months ago
The nicest storefront on the street, the CPR has been a neighborhood presence since the legalization of medical marijuana. I was too embarrassed to ask my rheumatologist for a permit or whatever was required. After the legalization of cannabis for anyone over 21 yrs old, I asked him what he thought. He told me he had no problem, but warned me about smoking. I never intended to smoke it. We went to the CPR, which is barely a mile away, and "joined". The security is excellent, and we both have to show ID to get beyond reception and into the dispensary. The place is brightly lit, with many blown glass pipes or bongs. The people behind the counter were very helpful, and well-informed. We found the edibles to be delicious, especially the chocolates. I prefer dark chocolate, while my husband prefers milk chocolate. We usually get a package of each, along with blueberry-filled chocolate. Prices are fair, and we only visit about every 3 months. I will not eat a piece if there's any chance that I may have to drive.
6 months ago
Okay, this particular dispensary is VERY close to where I live, so, clearly, it's the one I go to. I've read another "review" of this place, which really turned out to be a review of their security having an attitude. I can't speak to that, never having had any trouble with their security. What I WILL say is that CPR Collective supplied me with good marijuana, without any trouble at all, for a price that I can't honestly evaluate, since I don't have a lot of experience with any other dispensaries. What I bought IS good weed, and I thought the price was perfectly reasonable (remember, I used to buy my marijuana while it was still illegal, so I used to pay MUCH more than now!
7 months ago

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