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Friendly staff and a great selection of flower.
a month ago
Circle of Hope is the most professional shop I personally have been to. They're not a trap house like some weed shops. All the staff are friendly and knowledgable. Prices are good, especially if you go on days they have deals. They've always been good about keeping me happy and satisfied.
4 months ago
I paid 9 dollars for a pre rolled joint that not only disintegrated upon lighting but tasted like hay??
5 months ago
The quickest way to summarize what makes Circle Of Hope such a lovely and wonderful place is it really celebrate the healthy and communal nature of cannabis it's modern day approach to a very ancient way of taking care of your body and mind. This isn't about loading up stoners so they can get high and play video games. they actually are genuinely promoting but the medicinal interpreting and the therapeutic use of cannabis in a very responsible way. Everyone really cares about the people that come in here they take the time to remember your name and I love absolutely love making you on the spot deals whenever they can. The first thing you might notice is if they are essentially about customer rewards programs because every time you come in here as a customer you're getting a reward. You get the finest and flour the latest and Vape's and pens you get pre-rolls at a deal that literally are such a deal it seems like it's actually a steal. I've loved being a customer and have referred everyone I know to this place I'm not an actual personal cannabis user because I'm living a different life. But I have tried the non THC products that are marketed here and they have helped me with focusing as well as being able to sleep better. I didn't realize they were even an option until I came here education product availability and excellent customer service outweigh any lower price because what I get here is VALUE!
6 months ago
1st time. Was super impressed. Great layout fair variety. Good pricing.
9 months ago

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