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Everyone was very friendly and knowledgable. I loved my experience. Would definitely recommend.
in the last week
Great shop. The selection on flower an wax is awesome I found my go to shop
a week ago
The counters are too high for wheelchair customers. No handicap sign on the entrance door either. Lawsuit feasible.
2 weeks ago
Well worth the hour plus Drive This was are first visit..from the outside the greeter/check the wonderful soul who was very patient with us..Very knowledgeable.. Extremely friendly.. definitely going back again and again and again!!! Well worth the hour-plus drive.. thank you????
a month ago
I had heard that high quality CBD oil would help in dealing with post surgical pain. I drove in from Fresno, not sure what to expect , so memories of bongs, pillows, and tapestries danced through my mind as we pulled up in front the dispensary. What I found was an open and caring environment from the guard out front, through the registration process and the sale staff themselves. I advised them that I was going in for a total knee replacement and I do not care for the drugs the doctors prescribed. I further explained that the last time I’d bought pot was about 30 years ago from Jose down street for $25 a bag. Never knew what was in the bag though. My experience at Medallion was completely different and enlightening. The three young men behind the counter patiently advised products and explained their reasoning behind their recommendations. When we were leaving, someone mentioned that MW delivers. As I am pretty much stuck in bed for a few weeks, I ‘d like to explore this option also.
a month ago