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Cute place, friendly people, great inventory. Had a problem with a product I bought (manufacturing defect) , brought it in and they exchanged it without a problem. ??
in the last week
This place is great! Good selection and great service! Woman that work here are all good looking and very nice!
a month ago
Waste of time...missed new customer policy by 5 minutes...easily was spending 100+... Probably used to nickels n dimes... workers looked clueless and trashy anyway ??
2 months ago
This store has kinda been my go to for a while, and the commute is always worth it. The staff are personable, and extremely helpful. The store is roomie, and they have a wonderful selection. Prices are the best especially for the quality you get. Definitely check them out.
3 months ago
Today was my first time . They were very nice and I enjoyed carrying on a conversation while choosing my strains. The shop itself is very clean and the weed is very fresh. Definitely recommend anyone to come here.
5 months ago