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As soon as you pass by Kana Co you notice it! The quaint cottage look, bright flowers, and chill small town vibe of Davis makes this dispensary unique. Every product is displayed beautifully, and you feel comfortable in this dispensary. Friendly budtenders make you feel welcome and the updated technology and look of the place lets you know you're in good hands and your I’m needs will be taken seriously. Kana Co knows how to deliver! They give back to their customers with deals, rewards, and demos! I have done many demos here for Heavy Hitters, and I always have a great experience. Customers are curious and the budtenders know their stuff! It seems like something cool is always going on! If you want a dispensary that will not disappoint and make you feel at home, then Kana Co is a great choice.
2 weeks ago
Kana Co. has a great selection (as do many dispensaries) ...its their amazing customer service that sets them far apart from most of the other dispensaries I have been to in the Sacramento Area.
2 months ago
Large selection, friendly folks, competitive pricing. If it's really busy their small counter can make it a bit challenging.
2 months ago
I have been coming to this place since they first opened, and I've been a loyal customer because of their competitive prices and good product. I'm disappointed to say that I will no longer be a patron of this establishment. Why you may ask? It all comes down to a lack of integrity and customer service on the Kana company staff, specifically one individual that destroyed my confidence in this place. I got checked in quickly, and Individual 1 casually greeted me as he usually does. I usually buy some Sativa strains, but I decided to be adventurous today and get 4 grams of Blueberry Cookies, a hybrid. In fact, Individual 1 recommended that I select this strain, and so I did! .....or so I thought. I bought a few other things and he takes some time gathering the product and checking me out. No big deal, I thought to myself. I encouraged him to take his time, we've done this before and it felt just like any other transaction. He scans all the products pretty quickly because he was making another gentlemen wait as well. Keep in mind that I was explicit with every single item I wanted and I honestly thought we were good. I leave happy and start thinking of how excited I am for this new weed strain that Individual 1 recommended, and I was honestly thankful for his "customer service". I come to find that he gives me a Sativa strain, Clementine, that I did not ask for. He also messed up my 2 prerolls and gave me hybrids instead of Indicas. Whatevs, I thought. I'll just go back and they'll take care if me and give me what I wanted because of their 'impeccable' service. I take everything back and Individual 1 is the first to greet me. He looks at me confused, and I casually explain that he gave me the wrong product. I can tell his mind is racing, and in hindsight, I know he was high out of his mind. There's just this look that every stoner knows, and Individual 1 definitely had this look. Whatevs, I thought. He still seems functional, he'll own up to his mistake and correct it by giving me what I asked for. At this point, he goes to get his boss. She was actually as nice as can under the circumstances, but she does inform me that because I stepped out of the premises, due to the law, they could not accept back the incorrect product. In fact, they said they would have to destroy the incorrect product if I returned it. His boss was explaining this to me, but I could not stop looking at Individual 1 because of how upset I was getting. Essentially, they were blaming me because I should have double checked before leaving the premises with the incorrect product. Individual 1 even argued that he gave me the receipt that stated the incorrect product, and that I should have known better pretty much. They did apologize, but what really friggin upsets me the most is that Individual 1 did not own up to his mistake. I have been doing business with this guy since they opened and I was shocked at how he tried to throw me under the bus. In the end, his boss offered me a 10% discount for my next purchase, and she actually offered to buy me a 5 dollar gram of the strain that I actually wanted. She even offered to call up her boss, but her attitude made it sound like it wouldnt do any difference because of state law. Do you know what I did at this point? (Sigh) I gave up, I felt powerless. These 2 people are telling me it's my fault and what can i friggin do. I was clear in every single communication that came out of my face hole and I was left feeling defeated and incredibly upset. All i can do is warn you all to please confirm your purchases if this is your main place. It sounds easy, but I guess I was just too stupid to realize their mistake. Like I said, I will no longer come to this place because they made it clear that the bottom line is more important to them than a loyal customer. So be it.
3 months ago
Closed Sunday? It's 2019. Good selection cool staff. Buuuut patient care is 7 days a week
5 months ago

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