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Being new to the area, I had a lot of questions and options! The staff is super friendly and helpful. They took away the confusion and I always have a great experience!
in the last week
Clean, quiet, and professional. Premium products at a competitive price. The employees are knowledgeable and attentive. Just remember, good product isn't cheap and cheap product isn't good. I will definitely return.
in the last week
This place is awesome! Thalia was so helpful and called me immediately before my order was sent out on delivery. Have a Heart Coalinga is very convenient for the busy lifestyle of today.
a month ago
I’m giving 5 stars because the service was amazing. Also the person that assisted me was very knowledgeable about the product in the store. I had an awesome experience there. Go check them out.
2 months ago
this place was conveniently located 11 miles off the interstate 5. The reviews were decent so I thought this place would be great. And it was, but if you're just looking for your basic dispensary with good bud and good prices, I don't know if this is the place you're looking for. It was really nice inside and had a decent selection, but there weren't any customers in there, and about 10 employees that didn't acknowledge us till we asked for our order upon checkout. The one that came over and asked us if we wanted help, when we first walked in, seemed new. We asked about specials and the prices of flower and she started reading me the deals from the screen you order from about edibles and clothing. We ended up paying 80 for an eighth of two different top shelf buds. We smoked maybe 3-4 bowls of each and although the taste was good, the potency was pretty weak. If I would've read a review telling me that this place seems like it puts all their money back into their store front and no into their product I would have kept on driving. No new customer promotions or discounts for medical. Every
3 months ago

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