People have been flocking to California for years to have amazing vacations, but now with LA Hemp Tours on the scene, vacations just got even more incredible! LA Hemp Tours is much more than a tour that allows you to smoke up and chill out. It offers you the chance to go behind the scenes and learn about local cultivation, check out breweries or wineries, or even customize your own ideal herbal vacation. 
Plus, there’s no need to navigate. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the buzz with LA Hemp Tours leading the way in complete comfort and style. These tours have been carefully curated to include the most discerning of local recreational cannabis so that you not only get to enjoy top-grade stuff, but you get to learn more about it too and have fun doing it. 
Temporarily Closed. Be safe during these tough times and practice social distancing. We @ LA Hemp Tours will be back soon and look forward to taking you on our cannabis tours!!!


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