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Clockwork Coffee is made with 100 percent Colombian instant coffee, available in convenient single-dose sticks, and can be prepared hot or iced. With the perfect balance of caffeine for energy, 0.5mg of THC distillate for clear-headed creativity and 10mg of CBD isolate to kill jitters, Clockwork Coffee is the ultimate way to start the day. It contains no calories, fat or sugar, and won’t lead to headaches or stress.

Serving contents-
10mg CBD
0.5mg THC
0 calories
100mg caffeine

Container contents-
10 packets of non-offensive instant coffee

Colombian coffee beans, RIPPLE SC (sorbitol, modified food starch, organic coconut oil, cannabinoid distillates)

Great for-
More wakey, less shakey mornings, noons, and nights

MSRP: $22.00

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