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Northern Standard’s extraction artists broke their own rules by using non-cannabis terpenes in the new Experimental Series line of CO2 extracted distillates. The Experimental Series is an exploration of flavors and effects derived from non-cannabis terpenes. 
Unlike competing distillate vape products flavored with synthetic or off-the-shelf additives, Northern Standard extracted terpenes from the most fragrant and flavorful herbs and spices using the same proprietary helium technology we use to extract native cannabis terpenes.
The Experimental Series is engineered by extracting cannabinoids from premium-quality, award-winning, organically grown strains, using proprietary CO2 based extraction methods. Inert compounds are then removed, providing the extract with the cleanest possible concentration of active cannabinoids. This cannabinoid concentrate is then combined with unique terpene extracts to produce phenomenal vape products, typically containing 80-90% total cannabinoids.
The Experimental Series is extracted from single-strain, single-batch cannabis, and no synthetic flavorings, cutters, petroleum derivatives or other toxic solvents are used in the production process. That’s the Northern Standard!
Available in:
  • Sambuca
  • India Pale Ale

MSRP: $44.00

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