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Carter Casad Carter Casad

Carter Casad is a long time cannabis grower and breeder with a wide range of industry accomplishments. A CU graduate that never left Boulder, he assisted in some of the first university approved cannabis genomic research. Not to mention he was the breeder at The Farm for 10 solid years, where he developed custom strains for bands like Boombox and Yonder Mountain String Band. Now he works as a cannabis consultant, business owner, writer, music producer and drummer. Check and his LinkTree to keep up with all his projects.


How to Create Better Hybrid Cannabis Strains

  • Friday May 20, 2022

It seems like every week some hot new strain is hitting the dispensary shelf. Some are good, some not so much. This can be a little daunting for the cannabis breeder that is just getting started. PotGuide has some tips on breeding cannabis and making them stand out and be genetically stable.

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