Monday May 2, 2016

By Tyler Terps

Why Hemp Wick Will Change Your Life 420 Culture

Hemp wick is a combination of hemp and beeswax, forming a slow burning twine that can be used as a natural alternative to lighters and matches. Over the years, the demand for a safer and organic way to smoke cannabis has increased and as a result, more head shops have started to carry this environmentally-friendly wick.

How do hemp wicks work?

Since normal hemp burns much too fast to use as a wick, the spool is coated with honey to slow the burning, making it the ideal way to light a bowl or joint. By wrapping the hemp around a bowl or lighter, it’s easy to light the wick and then continue to unwind it as more is required. Some bowls and bongs conveniently come with designated areas to wrap the wick around so that there’s always some within arm’s reach.

Why should I use hemp wick over a lighter?

Hemp wick is a great idea for daily use because it’s inexpensive if bought in bulk and even cheaper to be made at home. Not only does it save money, but it’s also thought to be a healthier option than using a lighter. It automatically lets the user avoid inhaling any level of butane or noxious gases, which can sometimes ruin the taste. Additionally, hemp burns at a much lower temperature than butane, which equates to more intense, targeted hits without burning your entire bowl. Lastly, they make a great conversation piece as you can shape the hemp wick around the lighter into any design or pattern!

Hemp Wick Lighter

Where can you buy hemp wicks?

Finding hemp wick shouldn’t be hard as they’re commonly found at local head shops, online outlets and of course, dispensaries. Some brands that are worth checking out are Humboldt Hemp Wick, I-Tal, Bee Lasso, Raw and Beeline.

How can I make my own hemp wick?

Youtuber, designer and fellow friend, Piper Piper, shares the following process on how to make hemp wick at home in a helpful video, here.

You’ll need:

  1. A double boiler

  2. 20 gauge natural hemp twine

  3. Enough beeswax to cover over ½ of a large spool of hemp

  4. Tweezers

  5. An alarm to check the water in the double boiler every 30 minutes

  6. One or two hours to sit near the stove

The Process:

  1. Begin by melting all of the beeswax in the double boiler.

  2. Once this is done, carefully drop the spool of hemp into the wax.

  3. Set a timer every 30 minutes to check that the water isn’t boiling out of the boiler.

  4. Use a spoon to gently cover the spool with melted wax.

  5. Let the double boiler simmer on low for an hour, then flip the spool and repeat the last step.

  6. Carefully remove the spool and let it hang dry over a piece of glass (so the wax doesn’t stick to anything), then you’re ready to go!

Between the cheap cost and the healthy benefits over using a lighter, hemp wick is a great investment. Considering it doesn’t go bad, it’s very easy to make, and anyone can find a use for it, giving out spools as gifts can be an inexpensive yet very appreciated gift for a birthday or holiday. Overall, cutting back on buying lighters and having a better tasting smoke are that much more attainable with the regular use of hemp wick.

Photo Credit: I-Tal

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