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Saturday January 17, 2015

By CO Pot Guy


The snow has been great this year in Summit County, with Breckenridge already receiving 176” so far this season.  Breckenridge was recently in the news due to a special election in December in regards to allowing retail dispensaries downtown.  Currently there are 4 retail marijuana stores in town, with 3 of them located north of town near the Airport Road.  The remaining store, Breckenridge Cannabis Club, is located on Main St. in the downtown district.  Breckenridge Cannabis Club was originally a medical dispensary, but switched to strictly recreational last year.  Since recreational stores are banned downtown, the town council decided to give Breckenridge Cannabis Club a grace period to continue operating in their current location on Main St. until their lease expires on February 2nd.

After an extremely successful start to recreational sales, Breckenridge Cannabis Club approached town council last summer to request permission to continue operating in their current location, past the original grace period.  This was somewhat expected, as their location on Main St. had proven to be a gold mine for them.  The end result was town council holding a special election last December to decide the issue.  The result was decisive and surprising, 925 votes against and 400 votes in favor of allowing the store to continue operating downtown.

One can speculate on why the ordinance failed to pass by more than a 2:1 margin, especially after Breckenridge residents voted 70% in favor of legalizing marijuana in 2012.   Some residents were concerned about tarnishing the town’s image as a “family friendly” town.  Others locals were turned off by some comments made by an employee of BCC bragging about buying the town, indicating just how lucrative the location has been.  Some point to a change in demographics in Breckenridge, with many people in their 60’s deciding to settle down in town.

Whatever the reasons the ordinance failed, the end result is by February 2nd, if you are looking to buy some weed in Breckenridge, you’ll need to head north to “Airport Road”, also dubbed “Airpot Road”.  

You can view our directory of recreational marijuana stores in Breckenridge here.

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