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Wednesday June 20, 2018

Updated on 8/2/2021

By Michael Walters

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At the beginning of the cannabis legalization movement, the cost of entry was fairly inexpensive. Back then, $100,000 could go a long way and even fund an entire seed-to-sale cannabis operation. Fast forward to present day, where the emerging market has a much higher barrier of entry. Businesses looking to quickly establish themselves as legitimate players now need upwards of $10 million to get started. And as the cannabis industry continues to grow, this number is certain to climb.

The marijuana movement is quickly turning into a titan of industry, leaving many people salivating at the prospect of starting their own cannabis business.

However, for the majority of people, multi-million dollar deals are simply unattainable. Luckily, there are still a few ways you can enter the cannabis industry on a cost-effective budget and make waves, and turn-key solventless labs are perhaps your best bet for a viable and sustainable return on your investment.

Starting a Cannabis Business: Why Solventless?

We’re in the midst of a solventless hash revolution where companies are just now beginning to focus their efforts on products catering to this consumer craze. The massive influx of consumers seeking solventless products has created a frenzy in the cannabis manufacturing world and, quite honestly, there’s plenty of room to compete in this sector.

Solventless Rosin Sauce
Solventless products like rosin (pictured above) are gaining popularity in dispensaries. photo credit

While solventless cannabis products like rosin and full-melt bubble hash are growing in popularity among connoisseurs and average consumers alike, there is far less competition in the solventless space than in the hydrocarbon and CO2 sector. Additionally, solventless products are earning a higher price per gram at the point of sale because of their limited availability and high demand. In terms of sectors to enter in the cannabis industry, solventless is definitely one of the most lucrative and cost-effective.

Price Comparison: Solventless vs. Hydrocarbon

According to the Marijuana Business Daily Factbook, 96% of producers and processors reported that equipment was among the most expensive things they had to spend money on to get started with their extraction business. It’s no secret, setting up a hydrocarbon or CO2 extraction lab takes beaucoup bucks and a lot of time and effort to become profitable. That’s not the case for solventless operations though.

Similar to the rise of hydrocarbon concentrate popularity, solventless products are gaining in consumer interest at an alarming rate. Unlike hydrocarbon or CO2 concentrate operations however, solventless labs are much cheaper to start-up, operate or add to ongoing operations. This makes them a perfect starting point for prospective cannabis entrepreneurs or established business owners looking to add a new, high dollar-per-gram product to their line of offerings.

Let’s take a closer look at some cost analysis to exemplify the price gap between operations.

Say you’re looking to build a 2,000 square foot hydrocarbon extraction lab – a fairly small operation. For equipment and training alone you’re looking at roughly $350,000 before you even run your first extraction. That’s not even including construction, build-out or leasing a property. Because of the dangerous nature of solvent-based products, extraction labs using solvents are held to strict compliance standards, such as Class 1 Division 1 (C1D1) zoning and large-scale ventilation and chilling units. All said and done, you’re looking at another $300,000 at least, bringing your grand total roughly $700,000 – almost three quarters of a million dollars!

Starting a turn-key solventless lab or rosin extraction lab is much more reasonable and will have you profitable in much less time. Even better, because there are no volatile solvents being used, build-outs are much cheaper, leaving the business owner to simply find a building to lease or purchase.

Solventless Rosin
Equipment used for solventless products is much more cost-effective than hydrocarbon operations. photo credit

When it comes to equipment, a complete hash rosin press kit can be purchased for approximately $10,000 to $20,000 depending on your preferences. And if you’re just looking to set up a rosin extraction lab, you can purchase a rosin press for roughly $5,000 - $8,000 dollars.

In combination with a building lease (let’s say $25,000) you’re looking at a $35,000 - $45,000 investment for a turn-key solventless lab and about $30,000 - $33,000 for a rosin extraction lab – over $600,000 cheaper than a hydrocarbon extraction lab.

Solventless Hash Resources

Don’t feel you have the know-how to go down the solventless route? Enlisting the solventless consulting services of established industry professionals is the perfect way to get your business off the ground and profitable. PurePressure, an industry-leader and authority in the solventless space, recently rolled out a complete offering of solventless consulting services to help businesses easily establish turn-key labs and quick ROIs.

PurePressure Partners
PurePressure works closely with some of the cannabis industry's top brands and concentrate producers. photo credit

PurePressure’s new consulting arm offers services for a wide variety of projects and is a one-stop solution for solventless labs of any size. With PurePressure’s expertise and proven track record with some of the cannabis industry’s top brands, you can rest easy knowing you’re dealing with knowledgeable professionals.

Pure Pressure Solventless Consulting Services

PurePressure Consulting
PurePressure's team of experts can help you every step of the way! photo credit

From complete turn-key solventless lab build-outs to individual techniques, equipment recommendations and more, PurePressure is the industry’s number one resource for solventless consultations and can help any concentrate extractor become profitable in the solventless space. PurePressure is also a great resource for existing lab owners looking to add a solventless product line to their offerings.

PurePressure Consulting Services:

  • Ice Water Hash and Rosin Extraction Consulting
  • Complete Solventless Lab Build-Outs
  • Solventless Lab Add-Ons to Existing Processing Operations
  • Floor Layouts
  • Building Plans
  • Equipment Recommendations
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Hands-On Training
  • Cutting Edge Techniques
  • Conference Calls or On-Site Consulting
  • Much more!

Utilizing PurePressure’s expertise is a great way to get your solventless cannabis operation profitable in no time. Not only is their team of experts helpful, highly trained and efficient in solventless consultations, they also have many affordable options and excellent customer service to help quickly elevate your business.

Guaranteed ROI

Want to know how long it’ll take for your extraction operation to become profitable? The Marijuana Business Daily Factbook reports that, on average, producers and processors take an average of 13.8 months before turning a profit.

With PurePressure’s industry-leading equipment and consulting services, profits can become attainable in just days or weeks.

Working with pros is a no-brainer if you’re looking to ramp up operations or start a business in the cannabis industry. Simply put, there’s really no quicker way to become profitable than by partnering up with the experts.

Market Outlook

Marijuana Business Daily research shows that cannabis concentrate processors see a median profit margin of about 30% – and in some instances up to 49%. Marijuana concentrates are undoubtedly a profitable aspect of the cannabis industry. And with the increased demand for solventless products, there’s never been a better time to get involved.

On top of consumer demand for solventless products, the small amount of companies putting out high quality products has created somewhat of a scarcity, with solventless products flying off the shelves at dispensaries as soon as drops are made.

So, what are you waiting for? A turn-key solventless lab or rosin extraction lab is an ideal way to enter the cannabis industry with a cost-effective and quickly profitable venture. There’s still plenty of room for competition in the solventless cannabis product market too, making now the perfect time to get started and establish your brand. Remember, there are people there to help you every step of the way to make sure you can’t fail!

Are you looking to get into the cannabis industry? What resources have you found to be most helpful?

Photo Credit: StartupStockPhotos (license)


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