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Tuesday January 31, 2017

By Michael Walters

420 Culture

Love is in the air this holiday season! Valentine’s Day is almost here and this year, we’ve made sure that no one will be short on stoner gift ideas for the special someone in their lives with our awesome holiday gift guide. Whether you’re searching for him or her, we’ve covered a wide variety of products that are sure to send the perfect message. So skip the smoke shop and tell cupid to step aside while you peruse our guide of love-inspired products and gifts.

GPen ($19.95 - $169.95)

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like the smooth, embracing draw of a freshly packed vaporizer. Show cannabis enthusiasts you care with a brand new GPen at Grenco Science (winner of many, many HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cups). With multiple options and price points to choose from, the perfect on-the-go vaporizing experience is only a moment away. Click the link here to shop their exclusive line of products (including the G Pen Elite) and don't forget to enter code "POTGUIDE" at checkout for 15% your entire order!

Direct CBD ($38.00 - $498.00)

Move over Mary Jane, the CBD market has been trending up in recent history! The healing and medicinal properties of CBD are just beginning to become widely researched, but current evidence is already extremely promising. In addition to the health benefits, CBD products are also great for relaxation. Direct CBD has a bunch of choices to maximize a romantic night in with your special someone, including CBD oil, tinctures and more. Give these to the casual user or medical marijuana patient in your life. Check them out here.

Hemplife CBD Pack

Zang Pipe Mug ($26.99 - $44.99)

Prepare your love’s morning beverage of choice with an added bonus this Valentine’s Day with the Zang Pipe Mug. This gift literally takes the term “wake and bake” to a whole new level as you enjoy a bowl of cannabis while you indulge with your favorite drinking and smoking accessory. Zang Pipe Mugs come in a variety of colors and style options so be sure to choose the right one for your special someone. Use code VDAY17 to save big!

Cannabis Chocolates/Treats ($4.99 - $39.99)

If you have the pleasure of living in a state where cannabis is legal, then there’s no reason not to get creative. Chocolates have been a long-standing staple of Valentine’s Day, so it’s safe to say the tradition could use a fresh new ambiance. That’s where cannabis comes in. In the wide-world of cannabis edibles, the options are certainly plentiful. Whether your loved one has a preference towards super sweet or rich and decadent, one of the numerous dispensaries in your state should have a great selection. High quality, cannabis-infused chocolates can definitely set the right mood for a special night. If you’re looking for an extra special treat, try Wana’s delicious infused hot cocoa or salted caramels.

Cannabis chocolates

Photo credit: LongitudeLatitude

Firefly 2 ($329)

Say "I love you" in a big way with the Firefly 2. This awesome portable vaporizer works promotes discrete smoking with flower or concentrates and is appropriate for the novice or vape veteran thanks to its ease of use. With a unique look and design (available in a Valentine's Day red) and flavorful hits with customizable temperature settings, this bad boy will be sure to impress!

Foria ($36 - $79.99)

This cannabis-infused enhancement oil is made specifically for increasing pleasure in the bedroom, making it a no brainer for our V-Day guide. GQ deemed Foria the “sex product of the year” and rightfully so, as many people have expressed positive testimonials. If you’re looking to take you Valentine’s Day to the next level, then this product is for you.

Make Cannabis-Infused Dinner ($24.99 - $79.99)

Not so much a physical gift, cooking together with your Valentine can be a simple yet perfect option for those looking to avoid holiday traffic and commotion. Practically any recipe that calls for oil or butter can be infused, so break out your thinking caps and get creative! If you're unsure how to make canna-butter or oil, try the Magical Butter for a fun and easy experience. Click here to buy a Magical Butter today or use promo code “potguide” at checkout. A well-prepared, cannabis-infused dinner can be both romantic and spiritually uplifting. Give it a try this Valentine’s Day and pamper yourselves with a delectable cannabis endeavor. If you don’t have the space or time in your own home, private cooking classes are a great solution!

Dinner setting

Photo credit

Heart-Shaped Canna-Cookies ($5.99 - $10.99)

Get in the Valentine’s spirit this year with some appropriately themed baking. Heart-shaped cookies not only taste delicious, but they communicate love without the use of words. That’s right, let the cookies do the talking and you’re well on your way to an awesome day with your ganja goddess or ganja god. Cookies are very simple to infuse with cannabis and are a classic form of edibles perfect alone or in a gift basket!

Heart shaped cookies

Photo credit: Aine

Bath Bomb ($5.25 - $8.95)

Trying to think of ways to have a more adventurous Valentine’s Day? Consider getting some bath bombs to shake things up. Better yet, try cannabis-infused bath bombs. Similar to edibles, there are seemingly countless options for bath bombs. Cannabis-infused bath bombs work just like regular bath bombs and are a great way to relax and set the mood this V-Day. Buy them for someone special or simply treat yourself.

Heart bath bombs

Photo credit: Erika van Rijssen

Weed Jewelry ($28)

Cannabis-inspired jewelry has been popular for quite some time, making it a great choice for a Valentine’s Day gift. Now you can take canna-jewelry to the next level with cannabis that is actually inside of the jewelry. Each pendant is made with real, medical grade cannabis from Arizona that Is preserved within glass, so you’re actually giving the gift of cannabis! That’s pretty cool if you ask us.

Best Buds Necklace ($25 - $30)

Everyone stoner has someone they enjoy smoking with more than anyone else. Show that special someone that you care with the best buds necklace. Now you never have to be apart as you both hold a missing piece of each other. These necklaces are handmade with extra love and can be cut into as many pieces needed in case you want to get some for your whole group of friends!

Polaroid Camera ($99.99)

Nothing lets you capture a special moment quite like a camera, and with the added bonus of on-site printing you can see results instantly. Handing someone a photo is sure to make them remember your special night together too, making a polaroid camera the perfect gift choice. Trust us, the nostalgia is sure to bring feelings of joy. Give it to your best ganja babe and make some moments to remember!

Candle ($7.99 - $29.99)

A candle is a great gift for a wide variety of occasions and makes an excellent accent point to a romantic evening. Treat your valentine with their favorite fragrance in the form of a candle. If you’re feeling especially indulgent, check out this marijuana-scented one. It’s a great way to give your favorite stoner the gift of cannabis in a unique and memorable fashion.


Photo credit: Ozzy Delaney

Video Streaming Service Subscription ($9.99 - $14.99)

Streaming video services are becoming a staple of modern dating, therefore making them an essential this Valentine’s Day. Bring an entire library of video content to your fingertips by giving the gift of a subscription this year. Netflix always has a specially-themed collection of romantic movies that should be perfect for the occasion.


Photo credit: Global Panorama

Concert Tickets ($25.00 - $100)

Most people enjoy live music, especially if it’s their favorite band. You can’t go wrong with giving concert tickets. Not only is it a great gesture, it also guarantees you another night out with your sweetheart. Extend your Valentine’s Day romance with the gift of some rockin’ tix!

Concert tickets

Photo credit: rick

Joint Bouquet ($30 - $70)

The way we see it, there are two types of flower: one made for looking at and one made for smoking. Traditional flower bouquets have been done over and over, it’s time for a fresh twist. This V-Day, why not try a bouquet of marijuana flower in the form of pre-rolled joints. It’ll be sure to garner both a surprised look and a smile, so be ready to smoke a few joints after giving this present!

Two joints

The beginning of a joint bouquet


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