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Tommy Chong & Cannabis: The Choice Is Yours 420 Culture

When you think of innovators and pioneers of industry, some truly great people come to mind. Over the course of history, many people have made their impact on the countless booming industries present in the world. But one industry hasn’t received credit in the history books -- yet. The legal cannabis industry is in its early stages, and has many important businessmen and women helping to grow its presence and authority as an industry powerhouse. However, as with any other mainstream industry, it’s important to remember the pioneers that made it what it is today.

From the days of nationwide prohibition and a rampant black market, the cannabis industry has grown into something more tangible and functional than ever before. With states like Colorado reaching a billion dollars in legal marijuana sales, it’s not outlandish to think that cannabis could become a top industry in the world. There is clearly a cannabis revolution occurring before our eyes; one with powerful momentum and dedicated supporters backing it at every angle. Perhaps the most devout and enduring supporter is Tommy Chong, one of the most influential figureheads of the cannabis industry and movement.

Tommy Chong & Cannabis

Tommy Chong has a prolific history with cannabis and is well-regarded as the father of “stoner comedy.” His comedy duo with Cheech Marin brought a new light to cannabis during a time where consumption was kept on the down-low. Amidst the quiet and careful murmurs, Chong exclaimed his love for cannabis loudly and proudly. As one of the first celebrity stoners, he used his musical skills, in addition to comedic rhetoric to positively influence society on cannabis usage and consumption. By helping people to understand that a plant should garner no legal restrictions, more and more people were able to break free of the negative conceptions created by prohibition efforts over the years.

Tommy Chong first smoked marijuana when he was 18, stating that when he got high for the first time he saw “visions of how one could prosper in this world.” According to Chong, pot opened his mind and created clarity in an otherwise bleak world. Since taking his first puff over 60 years ago, his passion for cannabis has only strengthened. Sidelined temporarily due to a brief prison term for online sales of marijuana paraphernalia, Chong emerged with a strong sense of purpose to share his knowledge and passion for cannabis with the world. He has shared a toke with many famous celebrities over the years and has made countless cannabis industry connections, helping him to boost his exposure on a large-scale level. Because of his extensive reach, Chong is able to speak on both his own experiences with cannabis, as well as the plant’s rightful place in society and culture.

What was once a comedy act fueled by movies and albums has now turned into a form of social activism. Tommy Chong has been a longtime proponent and advocator for the medicinal benefits of cannabis, as well as nationwide reform and legalization. Now that more and more states are legalizing cannabis for adult use, Chong is more relevant than ever. Not only is he heavily involved in cannabis from an activism standpoint, but he also has taken up a new passion; sharing his very-best personal selections of high-quality cannabis with connoisseurs and his devout fan base. Chong is on a mission to share his exclusive line of cannabis products, Chong’s Choice, with the world while spreading a positive message for cannabis in the process.

Overview of Chong's Choice Product Line

Chong’s Choice features a variety of different products that all were hand-selected by Tommy Chong himself. Focusing on flower, Chong’s Choice currently offers and produces six connoisseur-grade strains, ranging from indica, sativa and hybrid. Each strain of flower is locally grown and sourced to ensure it ranks amongst the highest-quality products on the market. Additionally, each strain is hand-picked, lab-certified and fully organic, making for a smooth and enjoyable experience every time.

The available strains are:

  • Durban Haze (Sativa)

  • Snow Cap (Sativa)

  • Grape Stomper (Indica)

  • Girl Scout Cookies (Indica)

  • SFV OG (Indica)

  • Blue Dream (Hybrid)

No matter what your preference is, Chong’s Choice has a strain to suit your needs. Tommy Chong selected the above-listed strains to provide exceptional cannabis the consumer can count on. By choosing well-known strains and locally sourcing the best genetics, Chong’s Choice is definitely well-equipped to make a name for themselves in the cannabis industry, just as Tommy Chong did many years ago for himself.

Where to Buy

If you’re curious about trying some Chong’s Choice, then look no further. We’ve collected and amalgamated a list of all dispensaries (below) in Colorado that are proudly carrying Tommy Chong’s signature brand. Lucky for you, the list is quite extensive. Chong’s Choice is widely available across Colorado, so be sure to check them out at your favorite dispensary.

Photo Credit: Morten Skogly

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