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Monday December 11, 2017

Updated on 8/2/2021

By Andrew Ward


When it comes to home growing, a lot of aspiring cannabis cultivators seek out the most bang for their buck. We often get asked what strains are best for indoor growing and which will provide the highest yield. When selecting strains to cultivate, it’s imperative to focus on genetics.

Choosing the right genes is essential to any grow. If you select the wrong seeds, your yield will fail to live up to the quality you'll want to consume. If you live in the right environment, you could find the right seeds locally. In other occasions, you'll have to do further research and sourcing.

Today, we’ll show you some of the highest yielding strains in the PotGuide strain database to help get you started on choosing some proper genetics.

High Yielding Cannabis Strains to Grow at Home

Big Bud

Perhaps the most notorious strain in terms of yield, Big Bud has been boosting garden output for decades. Pursuant to its name, Big Bud produces enormous buds that generate a resounding wow factor when gazed upon.

Big Bud Strain
Big Bud is regarded by many as the highest yielding strain of all time. Sensi Seeds

Big Bud has a flowering time of roughly seven to nine weeks and is a moderately tall plant when given space to grow. Sensi Seeds is currently the keeper of Big Bud genetics.

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Northern Lights

Northern Lights is great for indoor growers of all skill levels. Emerging from the Pacific Northwest, the precursor to Sensi Seeds is an excellent indica-dominant strain for indoor growing. Today, it's found its way into several grows, and in even many hybrids. With a flowering time often between 45 and 50 days, Northern Lights remains on the short side and is a single-cola growing strain. It grows well in both hydro or soil and emits a low odor, making it perfect for low-key cultivation.

Northern Lights Strain
Fans of indica will love growing Northern Lights.

Northern Lights produces a high yield that should net you a pleasant supply. This makes it an ideal choice for indoor growers that have minimal space and a large desire for home-grown marijuana.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is another versatile strain that grows well indoors and out, though it is noted for its outdoor success. Coming out of the Santa Cruz, California area, Blue Dream is the result of crossing Blueberry and Haze. While its originator is unknown, its popularity is well known. Recreations are often made by avid growers, and works as an easy to manage beginner crop as well.

Blue Dream Strain
Blue Dream is often considered one of the highest yielding strains of all-time.

In 55 to 65 days, expect to see a high-yielding sativa-dominant plant that should grow fine with just a bit of training on your part. Don't be alarmed by its early slow growth. It will soon start to flourish with dense, round nuggets in an above-average fashion. For larger plants, be sure to use hydro with the best flavors.

White Widow

Known for its thick resin production and consistently solid bud structure, White Widow is a great strain to boost your home growing output. White Widow performs very well when grown indoors and, aside from its hefty yield, is one of the most aesthetically pleasing strains to have in your garden.

White Widow
White Widow is a great strain for consistent buds and high resin production.

The flowering time for White Widow is typically around 10 weeks to allow for maximum resin production and potency. However, depending on circumstances, it is possible for plants to finish in 56 to 60 days.

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Super Silver Haze

The origins of haze are a bit, well, hazy. But it's known that it emerged from the Haze brothers off the U.S. west coast. With many varieties, Super Silver Haze stands out as one of the most popular from growing and consuming. It works well in and outdoors, as well in soil or hydro.

Super Silver Haze Strain
Super Silver Haze is a great train for indoor growing.

Expect high, sticky yields when growing the sativa-dominant Super Silver Haze. This is a strain that's best suited indoors where you can keep a keen eye on its progress and training. Like Northern Lights, Super Silver Haze is perfect for large yields within small space that’s ready in about eight to 10 weeks.

Sour Diesel

Looking for a tall plant and high yield? Then, you've come to the right place. Sour Diesel emerged from America's east coast and has produced clones of this sativa-dominant flower for fans the world over. Flowering time can vary from 75 to 85 days on average, with longer grows for the fuel and funk to join the citrus element that appears earlier.

Sour Diesel Strain
Sour Diesel is a classic strain providing excellent yields to the experienced grower.

While a popular strain, Sour Diesel fails to yield as much as Original Diesel. That being said, it still produces above-average crops. Don't choose Sour Diesel if it's your first grow. It can be difficult to grow as it takes up space rather quickly. Unless you are ready to manage its bloom, consider another on the list to start.

Skunk #1

Skunk #1 is credited for changing cannabis cultivation by producing the first stable indica/sativa hybrid. Skunk #1 origins began out of difficult circumstances. Stabilization proved difficult but eventually its hurdles were overcome, and we reaped its results. Out of that struggle produced one of the most popular, pungent strains today. Today, Skunk is synonymous with smokers and nonsmokers alike for its overwhelming smell.

Skunk 1 Strain
New to growing cannabis? Skunk #1 may be a great choice to get started.

This is another strain great for beginners. It’s rather easy to produce and results in a quality smoke. Over its 55-60 day flowering, Skunk 1 grows into a stout, heavy yielding indica-dominant plant. For the best results, consider using organic soil.

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L.S.D. is an easy to grow strain that works in a variety of settings and produces high yields. L.S.D. comes to us from the crossing of another strain on the list, Skunk #1, and was created by Barneys Farm. It’s mold and disease resistant, and embraces its hybrid vigor while being indica-dominant.

LSD Strain
The strain LSD is not psychedelic, but it is potently psychoactive.

L.S.D. is a great strain to practice your pruning skills on. Effective pruning will see your buds reach its best potential. Its height will not top the other strains on this list and that's alright. What L.S.D. lacks in large stature is accounted for in its end results. It takes you on a ride that will appease both sativa and indica leaning consumers.

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Once you have a good strain on your hands, be sure to clone it. This will help reduce the variability that comes from cultivating a seed for the first time. By refining you selections, you’ll be sure to produce the best yields possible. As always, happy growing!

What’s your favorite strain to grow and why? Comment below!


Andrew Ward Andrew Ward

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