Tuesday October 16, 2018

By Michael Walters

The Cannabis Enthusiast's Guide to Anaheim Travel

California has been at the forefront of progressive cannabis reform for quite some time now. And with their emerging recreational cannabis market starting to make strides towards a solidified industry it’s never been a better time to experience cannabis culture in California. In cities and places all across the Golden State, people are embracing their cannabis habits in an effort to further normalize the plant and breakdown the negative stigma that surrounds it. That being said, there are still plenty of people who aren’t familiar with California and are looking to dive deeper into the state’s unique philosophy. Today, we’re going to focus on the city of Anaheim.

To help you get a better feel for the city and elevate your experiences, we’ve crafted an easily digestible guide for your perusing pleasure. So, whether you’re just visiting looking to explore or are in town for NCIA’s California Business Conference, check out these tips for an excellent adventure!


Cannabis Culture in Anaheim

While cannabis culture in Anaheim is as strong as ever, city officials actually voted to ban cannabis businesses altogether – even though 51 percent of Anaheim residents voted in favor of cannabis legalization. Despite the restrictive actions toward commercial cannabis operations, Orange County’s largest city still maintains a strong embodiment of cannabis culture. In fact, there are many nearby areas where cannabis enthusiasts can engage in the legal marijuana industry.

Take a look at some of the best nearby cannabis dispensaries, tours, activities, social lounges and events!

Where to Buy Cannabis

As mentioned previously, there are no legal, state-licensed dispensaries in Anaheim. The city has banned both medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries so it’s important to understand there aren’t any local options for consumers. Additionally, it’s also good to be aware that there are several unlicensed dispensaries in the area. Even though they might seem legitimate, these dispensaries are operating illegally and do not abide by industry safety measures such as contaminant and pesticide testing. For your own safety and health, we strongly recommend you steer clear of any unlicensed dispensaries in Anaheim.

Budtenders Helping
Don't put yourself in danger, it's unsafe to shop at unlicensed dispensaries!

Even though there aren’t any dispensaries directly in Anaheim, there are lots of great options in nearby cities and surrounding areas. Santa Ana is only 7 miles away, Long Beach is just over 15 miles and Los Angeles isn’t far at all clocking in at 24 miles away. If you’re looking to purchase cannabis in Anaheim, check out our dispensary directory for the three closest cities mentioned above.

Once you stock up on cannabis products, there’s plenty of other cannabis-focused things to check out! Remember, consuming cannabis in public is strictly illegal in California. Always make sure you’re aware of cannabis laws and regulations to guarantee a safe, enjoyable experience!

Cannabis Activities, Tours and Social Lounges

If you want to experience California’s cannabis industry in a hands-on fashion, then you must check out some of the nearby options for tours, activities and social lounges. From puff and paint classes all the way to guided grow tours, there’s bound to be something that fits everyone’s taste. Again, there aren’t any options for tours, activities or social lounges in Anaheim directly, but there are plenty of options in the surrounding areas. Check out all the options on PotGuide and book directly with our cannabis tours, activities and social lounge directories.

Cannabis Events

When it comes to cannabis events, there are quite literally hundreds to choose from – especially in California. Marijuana events bring together some of the cannabis industry’s top leaders to explore business best practices and ways to positively progress marijuana reform to the next level.

High Adventure

On top of the plethora of cannabis culture and appreciation present in Anaheim, the city and surrounding area is also ripe with theme parks and attractions – all of which are enhanced after consuming a little cannabis. Check out some of the fun attractions you can explore while visiting Orange County:

Attractions Near Anaheim:

Remember, it’s illegal to consume cannabis at any of the above attractions, however, there’s nothing preventing you from enjoying some cannabis legally beforehand and then starting on your adventure! Edibles are a great choice since they have long-lasting effects for most people and can take your experience to the next level!


Munchie Madness

If you thought the theme parks and attractions listed above were exciting, then you’ll love the dinner attractions in nearby Buena Park. There are three delightfully delicious options at the ready for anyone looking to add excitement to the dining hour. Not only will you get dinner at these foodie festivities but also great interactive and amusing performances in accompaniment.

Pirate Dinner
There's plenty of unique and exciting dining options in Anaheim. photo credit

For anyone who loves the chivalry of the Middle Ages, the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament will be right up your alley. Looking for a more nautical approach? Then perhaps you’ll enjoy the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure, complete with the “world’s most interactive dinner show.” Finally, there’s the Teatro Martini Dinner Theatre that will appeal to anyone seeking out an edgy, yet upscale dining experience with world class entertainment. Whichever you prefer, be sure to check out the options and book your reservations for an exquisite night of fun.

Navigating the City

Anaheim is a fairly accessible city with plenty of easy-to-use resources for locals and visitors alike to get around. Check out the options for traversing the city and surrounding area.

Public Transportation

Anaheim has a pretty extensive public transportation infrastructure. Check out all the options for getting around the city:

Ride Sharing

In addition to the various public transportation methods, Anaheim of course has operating ride share staples like Lyft and Uber. There are always plenty of drivers around so hailing a ride should only take a few minutes or so!


Key Takeaways

Even though Anaheim itself has banned the commercial cannabis industry from entering the city (for the time being, at least), there is still plenty of cannabis culture to explore and immerse yourself in. And with the added bonus of countless theme parks and attractions nearby, there’s never been a better time to go on a cannabis filled escapade in Orange County. Of course, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy in Anaheim so use this guide as a starting point and create your own unique Anaheim adventure!

Do you have any tips or information for people visiting Anaheim? Share them in the comments below!

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