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Monday December 3, 2018

Updated on 8/3/2021

By Michael Walters

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Cannabis concentrates have experienced a meteoric rise over the past several years, culminating in a wide variety of options at the consumer level. Even more, the growing popularity of concentrates has led to product diversity in not just consistency (i.e. shatter, wax, live resin, sauce, diamonds) but overall chemical structure, too. Nowadays, cannabis enthusiasts and concentrate connoisseurs are in a highly contested debate between two of the most popular production methods: chemical separation and mechanical separation.

While the debate between solvent-based and solventless products is highly subjective, one factor is not. When exploring the feasibility of at home extraction, solventless extraction is the only safe way to produce hash at home – granted you’re in a state with some type of cannabis reform in place. The safety and practicality of mechanical separation at home has created a growing interest in homemade solventless concentrates which has in turn established an emerging market for rosin presses as well. So, what are the best options for at home rosin presses? Let’s find out!

Non-Commercial Concentrate Production

Making your own solventless hash at home can be an invigorating experience. Not only does it produce a great product that’s excellent for dabbing but it also allows consumers to break free from their dependency on the dispensary. With at home solventless extraction, you can rest easy knowing precisely how your hash was made and the exact processes used during production. And, if you’re making rosin, you can achieve an extremely potent and pure concentrate that is easily replicable – with the right equipment, that is.

If you want a consistent supply of solventless hash, consider using an at home rosin press. photo credit

Owning a rosin press is a must for anyone looking to make consistently quality concentrates at home. But up until recently, there have been several setbacks in owning an effective setup. From high prices to low-quality options all the way down to shoddy DIY equipment, consumers have been yearning for a reliable at home rosin press for quite some time.

At PotGuide, we strive to provide educational resources and useful recommendations on all things cannabis. That being said, we wanted to provide consumers interested in solventless extraction with information on our favorite at home rosin press. Keep reading to learn more about this press and why we believe it to be one of the best options available for at home solventless extraction!

Advancements in At Home Solventless Extraction

There are several companies beginning to focus on the demand for at home rosin presses, resulting in some truly awesome products. And while there are quite a few options on the market for rosin presses, perhaps none are as renowned as PurePressure. PurePressure is PotGuide’s go-to choice for rosin press recommendations, and their commercial presses are used by the cannabis industry’s top commercial hash producers. They’ve even been used to create award-winning products on a consistent basis.

PurePressure set out to change the rosin press industry by developing purpose-driven products made specifically for high-efficiency solventless extraction. Their team’s innovation, combined with growing consumer demand for solventless products like rosin, has progressed the landscape of concentrate production on multiple levels over the last few years. Now, PurePressue is setting out to change the game again with a product designed specifically for at home solventless extraction.

Expanding their product line from commercial rosin presses, PurePressure recently announced the launch of their new Artisan Series for home use: the 3 Ton Helix and the 5 Ton Helix Pro. These at home rosin presses are game changers for solventless extractors looking to take their concentrates to the next level. Essentially, PurePressure has translated the success and acclaim of their commercial rosin presses into the ultimate at home rosin press.

The Helix and Helix Pro were rigorously tested to ensure reliable function. In fact, prototypes were cycle tested on over 40,000 presses and held up perfectly to the challenge. Even better? The Helix and Helix Pro offer scientific level control, come at an affordable value and are American-made in colorful Colorado, making them the ultimate mid-cost rosin presses. Did we mention they’re portable, too? The 3 Ton Helix and the 5 Ton Helix Pro are at the cutting edge of innovation and truly next level equipment for serious solventless extractors or medical patients looking to produce consistently clean medicine in the comfort of their own homes. Check out some of the key features below:

Key Features of Helix and Helix Pro Rosin Presses:

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Engineered with the same heat plate assemblies as PurePressure commercial rosin presses
  • Even heat distribution from 0°F to 300°F
  • Temperature accuracy down to less than 1°F
  • Ultra-precise manual twist mechanism allowing as little as 15 lb. in incremental force at a time
  • No air compressor needed
  • Real-time bag pressure display – a first in manual rosin press technology
  • Unmatched durability through purpose-driven engineering
  • PurePressure’s Pressware LCD screen technology
  • Ability to create and save material-specific recipes (i.e. parameters for bubble hash v. flower)

The 3 Ton Helix and 5 Ton Helix Pro are primed to become the top at home rosin presses on the market. PurePressure is even offering an early unit pre-sale for anyone looking to purchase one before they officially hit the market.

Why Quality Equipment is Key for Serious Solventless Extractors

For anyone serious about at home solventless extraction, using quality equipment is imperative. Even more, for medical patients looking to produce the cleanest medicine possible, precise control is a must. After all, product quality and reliability are some of the most important factors of at home solventless extraction.

Helix Press
If you want high-quality solventless concentrates, it's important to invest in high-quality machinery. photo credit

Purchasing quality equipment will not only ensure consistent quality but also increased efficiency during solventless extraction. Plus, using a high-end rosin press like a PurePressure Helix can help an at home extractor achieve higher yields and eliminate guesswork with extremely precise controls and mechanisms.

What’s Next for At Home Rosin Extraction?

The popularity of cannabis concentrates is continuing to grow across the United States. And as more regulated markets pop up across the nation, it’s not out of the question to predict this trend will continue (especially with Canada considering the legalization of concentrates in a year). With increased concentrate demand will undoubtedly come an increase in consumers looking to make their own solventless concentrates at home.

We’re in the midst of a solventless hash revolution, and products are adapting to the consumer more and more on a daily basis. This variety of products has led cannabis enthusiasts and connoisseurs on a quest to experience the best concentrates in the world – and many are realizing they can now make high quality hash from their own homes. Pioneered by industry leading companies like PurePressure, at home rosin press technology has propelled solventless extraction to new heights and allowed for next level quality control, peace of mind and an unmatched concentrate experience. The future of at home extraction is certainly here, and we’re excited to see it progress even more down the road!

What are your thoughts on at home solventless extraction? Share them in the comments below!

Photo Credit: PurePressure (license)


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