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Saturday December 1, 2018

By Matthew Mongelia

420 Culture

Ski season is settling into full swing as mountains are beginning to open up more and more terrain each and every day. As the winter sporting season reaches full flex, we at PotGuide have selected some strains to get you acclimated to a higher elevation. Whether you prefer skis, a board, or a trusty inner tube, all of these strains will have your trip down the mountain feeling like a winter wonderland.

If you’re heading to the mountains in a legal state, please remember that consuming cannabis on federal land (where most ski resorts are located) is illegal. Always make sure to use marijuana legally, safely and responsibly before hitting the slopes.

Durban Poison

With a strain like Durban Poison, you can start your day off right with the clear-headed energy needed for a morning run. Want to be the first one on the mountain? Durban is the perfect strain to follow a fresh cup of coffee, or replace it. The fierce, sweet-citrus notes pair well with any breakfast fruit, and impart a true sativa boost to lift you onto your feet and down the slopes. While it does pack a jolt, Durban Poison tends to have a balanced focus, so you’ll be able to keep to the trail without issue.

Dutch Treat Haze

Dutch Treat Haze is a little softer on the kick than some racier hazes, so you can wait for after breakfast for this one. It imparts a light, suspended feeling without the full soaring detachment of Blue Dream or other body-forward sativas. The result is like you rolled up the sensation of falling into fresh snow. With the overall pleasant quality of Dutch Treat Haze, you might find yourself riding the ski lift just for the view, and not minding one bit. Perfect for casual riders.

Jilly Bean

Though technically an indica dominant strain, most people don’t find Jilly Bean to be sleepy – thanks to the unique fruit-and-candy terpene profile. It’s a good strain for the smooth flow of carving down a familiar path. Jilly Bean starts a little buzzy, has a fun, active middle, and tends to mellow out on the tail end, making this a great strain to smoke midday and carry you through an afternoon of runs. That last mellow wave will come on right as it’s time to hunker down for some grub or a nice drink.  This strain is probably not alert enough for those bombing double blacks, but for a day of bouncing down the greens and blues, nothing could be finer.


SAGE is bred to be perfectly balanced and pleasant; it’s even in the name ("Sativa-Afghani Genetic Equilibrium"). The result is an active Sativa hybrid with an animated body high. In Colorado, the Fort Collins, or “FoCo” SAGE variant is extremely popular among the ski set, and with good reason.  The bright, piney terpene profile is never too harsh, but stimulates for a creative and happy high. It’s even stability helps SAGE fit in anywhere from from bunny slopes to black diamonds.

Snow Cap

How can we have a list of winter-sports strains without Snow Cap? Frosty like ideal conditions, the pow on this one calls to mind the crispness of fresh snow. Snowcap starts strong and mellows into a comfortable sustained energy stream, with expansive mental effects perfect for taking in the great outdoors. Like many of the strains on this list, it boasts a spicy, citrus profile, but the hint of mint in the mix is a distinctive twist.

Colorado Cough

Best for experienced riders, the powerful Colorado Cough is an almost psychedelic sativa with intense body effects, well suited to staving off any lingering aches or soreness from the previous day’s spills. Named for the thick smoke it produces, Colorado Cough may not be the smoothest strain, but it’ll sure lift you up the mountain. Earthy, potent and power-packed, this one is not for the introductory set, but those familiar with navigating advanced terrain will be rewarded for adventuring off the path.

Tahoe OG

Ok, so as a dense indica with a decent tendency to couch lock, Tahoe OG isn’t suited for the active part of your ski day. However, when you’ve taken a nasty fall and have to call the snow patrol, you’ll want to have some of this stashed back at the cabin. Reach for the Tahoe OG when the day’s runs are done, socializing next to the fire or soaking in a Jacuzzi and watching the snowfall. You sent it, hard, now it’s time to relax.

Be sure to check out PotGuide’s Winter Guide section to learn more about the many cannabis-friendly options available for your next snowy getaway.


Matthew Mongelia Matthew Mongelia

Matthew Mongelia is the Content Manager for He holds an MFA in Writing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a BFA in Creative Writing from CUNY Brooklyn College. He has worked in the industry in numerous roles for over 5 years while covering cannabis content from coast to coast. Like so many in the industry, he first became acquainted with cannabis as a medical patient, and has been a passionate advocate for the plant ever since. He is a writer for the comic Dark Beach, and has previously covered music and cultural content for SOL REPUBLIC.

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