Thursday May 19, 2016

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Smell Proof Stash Boxes to Carry Cannabis Responsibly 420 Culture

Although the trends in decriminalization and legalization of cannabis continue, many states have not taken the time to update their paraphernalia laws accordingly. What does this mean for you? Simply put, possessing cannabis itself may not send you to jail, but the paraphernalia used to smoke it can.

In Massachusetts for instance, you can carry up to ounce of flower with nothing more than a fine in penalties; but if law enforcement finds papers, a pipe or a grinder along with the flower, you could be facing 2 years in jail. These are the loopholes that law enforcement continues to use to lock up cannabis users. Fortunately, we can help you mitigate this risk.

Safety Case

We highly recommend using a Safety Case whenever you transport your stash, regardless of whether it’s around town or across the country. These discreet, smell-proof stash cases are designed to carry your flowers, concentrates, and anything else you would need to smoke or vaporize all forms of cannabis. We like the unsuspecting, yet stylish exterior of the case, coupled with its spacious, organized interior.  Perfect for worry free travel through public spaces – no more paranoid thoughts wondering if the person next to you on the subway can smell your stash. The best part is that the inconspicuous kit slips right into your pocket, purse, or bag.

While we initially appreciated the case for its smell proof and unsuspecting exterior, it soon became clear that the Safety Case was really more of an all-in-one smoking and vaporizing kit. The case comes in a variety of models that cater to each smoking style – each kit with it’s own set of components that work as a system to make the entire smoking experience more pleasant.

Cannabis concentrate storage

For months we refused to take my load-your-own vaporizer anywhere because loading it was a sticky ordeal that required more tools than we wanted floating around in my pockets. Now, we take our pens everywhere in the Safety Case Vape Kit, which makes loading my vaporizer a breeze.

Pipe Smoking Kit

The Safety Case is the creation of Black Rock Originals, a Colorado company focused on debunking the lazy stoner stereotype. Privy to the fast paced lives led by modern day cannabis users, Black Rock created a mobile storage solution that allows you to focus on living your day to the fullest rather than worrying about your legal risk or the integrity of your stash.


Photo Credit: Black Rock Originals

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