Saturday July 11, 2015

By Greg Capolino

Review of Sublime Spearmint Chill Pills 420 Culture

We let our friends at Healthy Headie Lifestyle take over our blog again, who are bringing you today’s review of Chill Pills by The Growing Kitchen. These edibles are all-natural and a good way to tackle pain, anxiety and an upset stomach, meaning that you'll get a pleasant high (and a delicious taste) with just one dose. Here’s what Greg from Healthy Headie Lifestyle has to say:

As someone who recently moved to Colorado just a few short months ago, I am still blown away by the sheer variety of infused cannabis products sold in dispensaries all over the state. I have been a big fan of edibles for some time now, so the abundance of products out here is something to behold. Upon a recent visit to a local shop in Boulder, I decided to try the sativa-infused Sublime Spearmint Chill Pills by The Growing Kitchen. I have to say, these things are simply delightful. For around $20 in a recreational shop, you get a nifty little child-proof container that contains 10 individual hard candies, each dosed at a minimal 5 mg THC. They are also available in the indica version, which are called Heavenly Honey Lemon Chill Pills. I typically opt for sativa strains when purchasing cannabis, as I prefer the more “up” kind of high, especially during daylight hours.

First of all, these Chill Pills are organic, dairy free, wheat free, and gluten free, so even vegans can get down with them. They have a pretty strong spearmint flavor, which I personally don’t mind, but be warned for those of you who are not into more intense mint flavors. These candies also have an almost decongestant ability due to the fresh mint, which was a pleasant surprise. The Growing Kitchen uses sativa strains that are all in-house, and as expected, they were superb in their ability to relieve my anxiety during a busy day while also getting my creative juices flowing to still be productive. At the 5 mg dose, it almost works like an “organic Prozac.” It takes the edge off while still allowing you to be able to completely function throughout the course of the day. Up it to 10mg and I definitely got high. It was a wonderful, bright, upbeat kind of high that was fantastic by any sativa standard out there. The quality of strains at The Growing Kitchen, along with their extraction methods, are clearly excellent.

Being a self-professed lightweight when it comes to edibles, I’ve never ventured past the 10 mg dosing. If you are more of the adventurous kind of consumer, move it up to whatever you prefer, but be warned, these little Chill Pills pack a big punch. Either way, anyone who likes a great upbeat sativa type of feeling with the dosing flexibility of 5 mg increments, you will not go wrong with Sublime Spearmint Chill Pills from The Growing Kitchen.


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